Top Ten Things to Buy If You're a Billionaire

They say money can't buy happiness, but is that so?

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41 Your Own Planet

But wouldn't a planet cost more than a billion dollars? Plus, you'd have to pay for transportation to said planet, technology that would allow you to breathe in outer space, a way to protect yourself from extreme temperatures, and a lifetime supply of food and water since you won't be finding that in space. Also, what would you do on that planet, all isolated and alone? Look for aliens? Collect foreign rocks? Slowly suffocate? I'd much rather spend all that money on something that I can find on Earth. It's cheaper and much easier.

Think about this a city, a country, a mansion, a playboy mansion, a poor country, or a planet! It's kinda easy to choose if you think about it! (You might need a space ship too. ) - Bobman_Swag

42 Clones of Yourself
43 Rocket
44 A Ferrari

Broom broom lets speed down the road

45 A Lifetime Supply of Food

Never go to the shops/stores again

46 Every Type of Phone

Ring ring, you can text with every body part

Totally. Except for blackberrys. EVERY LAPTOP AND iPhone EVAH. Perfect. Maybe a sneak peek of the iPhone 7!

47 A Hotel
48 Toys for the Kids

Let your kid imaginations go wild

Even though I'm old I'm still a kid at heart. Buy somebarbjes and a big playroom for the dolls. A YouTube channek

49 A Holiday to Spain

Catch a great tan on the burning sand

Has! I could visit Seville,Barcelona,and the capital Madrid! Those were places on my "Places To a Visit Before I Die List" it's my list. Not real one of this

50 Expensive Clothes

Get the most fancy clothes out

51 Jewellery

Mainly for the girls

52 A Limousine

Go in a glorious limousine with fancy people

53 DLC
54 Virtual Currency
55 Personal McDonald's
56 A Golden PS4
57 Personal Aquarium
58 Large Personal Pool
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