Top 10 Things to Call Caitlyn Jenner

Disclaimer: Some of the things on this list are meant to be taken as a joke, so have a sense of humor. And some others are just the sad truth.

The Top Ten

1 Bruce Jenner

Since his mother named him Bruce, I'm going to call him Bruce. - yaygiants16

You never call a transgender person by their old name! You call them by their new name, it offends them if you call them by the old one! It's really rude! - Pegasister12


2 The Devil's Daughter

Son* - 3DG20


3 Un-Newsworthy

This one hands down. - AGK

The reason I'm putting these 2 together is because they both basically have the same idea. For example:

Akon, a fellow celebrity, donated food to millions of poor citizens in the continent of Africa around the same time that (s)he went transgender. But did you see that in the headlines? No! It was (her)him!
A former US military member from New Jersey lost his arm and leg in Iraq at war. After his injury, he still competed in several running activities. He was even nominated for the Arthur Ashe award, also, but did he win? No! It was (her)him! In fact, all the other nominees had more courage than (her)him! - yaygiants16

4 Freak

I think almost all of these are pretty accurate. - AGK

Self-explanatory. - yaygiants16

5 Non-Hero

(Caitlyn) Bruce Jenner is anything but a hero, not even to the LGBT community. - yaygiants16

6 Society's Messiah

Society almost worships this (wo)man, especially the LGBT community. But really all he did was swap out his penis and testicles for a vagina and a pair of fake breasts. - yaygiants16

7 A Child

Some say that (s)he only swapped his gender for attention. Whether that's true or not, this person is still childish. - yaygiants16

8 An Abomination

(S)he's the abomination of Obama's nation, not Kanye West. - yaygiants16

9 Desperate

(S)he begged ABC and the Ellen show to have an interview. But why did (s)he have to beg? If they didn't want to have you on their shows, then just back off! - yaygiants16

10 Ugly

Have you seen her Vanity Fair photo shoot? Ugh. The reason this is so low on the list is because at least she looks better than Kris. - yaygiants16

The Contenders

11 She

Because you know that's what she is and you may not like her at all, but you don't have to be so rude about it to not respect her pronouns - happyhappyjoyjoy

Hey look! A sane person commenting on this list! What are the odds! - Yoshilord

Thank you for this! What's up with all the (s)he? Its she ya dumbo!

12 Illuminati

This one made me laugh, it was just so random and unexpected! 😄 - Wolftail

13 Tranny
14 A Man's Man
15 Talentless

Caitlyn Jenner is not a hero he/she is a talentless hack.

This is still true and always will be. She doesn't deserve to be "the face of transgenders". No, I don't hate LGBT. Caitlyn doesn't support gay marriage; but desperately pretends to, because she doesn't want people to stop worshipping her. I don't care if she's a transgender. I don't care if she spells her name with a C and not a K. She's just another publicity seeker in the Kardashian/Jenner whorehouse. Don't give her the fame she wants. - Cesium

16 A Cuttlefish

Hahaa LOL he has face like cuttlefish, oh I am so sorry he is she... LOL

17 The Queen
18 Brat
19 Brave
20 A Woman
21 A Role Model
22 Fearless
23 Gorgeous
24 Shemale


25 Old
26 Purse Man
27 Murderer

It is true. - 445956

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