Top Ten Best Things that Can Happen in the Future


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1 Humans become more tolerant to each other

This is one of those things that will never happen simply because we are all individuals with individual opinions. - Britgirl

Yet having an individual opinion does not preclude one from tolerating others. - Billyv

2 Crime rate decreases

This is really good, I pray we all live together happily without any violence - Righteous

3 Global warming ends

Ends? When did it start?

4 Endangered species population grows

Perhaps that is not in the best interest of natural selection.

5 3RD world countries become more advanced
6 Better world leaders

I always hope that - zxm

7 We discover life on other planets
8 We become technologically advanced
9 We invent a time machine

That is not a good thing because if you do one tiny thing you could alter history - XtremeNerdz12

10 We send a satellite that goes faster than the speed of light

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11 Metal music gets more popular
12 Cure for AIDS

@Freddie Mercury - FredRogBriJoQueen

13 The world becomes more fair
14 The Lion King is banned

It will not be banned

15 Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj and many other pop artists retire.
16 End of terrorism
17 War ends
18 Cancer is cured
19 Space Travel to random planets becomes possible not under space programs

I think that if that happens then we will find new technology in the different universe and then coco coco puffs will not be banned.

20 The Eagles win the Super Bowl

This already happened. They even had a victory parade.

21 Cure for aging
22 We love everyone and stop the hate
23 You lose your virginity
24 All bronies die
25 Autism goes extinct
26 Old towns will be no more

Elma my will be not around

27 Rule 34 stuff becomes illegal to make
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1. Crime rate decreases
2. We love everyone and stop the hate
3. End of terrorism
1. Humans become more tolerant to each other
2. Endangered species population grows
3. 3RD world countries become more advanced
1. Crime rate decreases
2. Global warming ends
3. We invent a time machine

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