Best Things That Can Happen to the World That Have Never Happened

If it has ever happened, it cannot be added. It must be something reasonable and not anything stupid like "A centapegacorn makes the internet stronger."

The Top Ten

1 All countries settle their differences and live in peace

This would save countless lives and make the world a better place. There would be little fighting and possibly no more racism. - CatCode

If this happens now than World War 3 probably wouldn't break out and we wouldn't die soon IT WOULD SAVE THE WORLD HAPPEN NOW ANYONE WHO IS READING THIS TRY TO STOP WARS AND MAKE WORLD PEACE!

2 All crime stops
3 All sexism stops

Although rape and animal abuse are part of the "all crime stops" addition, I still had to add them. - CatCode

4 All homeless and poor people get jobs and money

There should be free places for them to go. It's unfair that there isn't.

5 No more hunger
6 No more hate
7 No more homework

This would actually greatly help society. Homework has caused large amounts of stress. - CatCode

8 No more chain mail

Chainmail can cause fear in many small children. - CatCode

9 Disabled people can still get any job
10 No one discriminates based on your opinions

The Contenders

11 No school

Actually, this is not the best thing; without school, we would have no social skills and no knowledge. - CatCode

Dumb kids these days... Thinking school is dumb no just no please no

12 Hatred ends
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