Top 10 Things That Can Happen If TheTopTens Hits 2 Million Lists


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1 No more list ideas

You can still make "Best ways to celebrate 2 million lists on TheTopTens" - SamuiNeko

It's ok,I can still make tons of lists related to homestuck and steven universe. - SamuiNeko

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2 Useless lists

Seems we have some of these - Billyv

3 1 million dead users

There aren't even a million users - bobbythebrony

4 "How to fap to" lists

why lmao

5 Lists on lists on lists

Oh man, these could go on and on. - Luxam

6 New ugly theme
7 More inaccurate lists
8 All the famous users right now quit

I'm curious to what the future has, what new users will join? - Martinglez

I can't wait for that day

9 TheTopTens shuts down

I wouldnmt be suprised if it did, to be honest. Not like I would like that. - Luxam

10 TheTopTens improves

I am not much of a fan of new experiences - Mewtwo_

We could only hope. - Luxam

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