Top 10 Things That Can Happen to You During a Tornado

The Top Ten

1 You get swept away to Disneyland and find a $100 bill in your pocket.

Make sure you aren't left with broken bones when you reach there. Tornadoes are dangerous. - Kiteretsunu

2 A hot girl gets thrown at you and accidentally kisses you

Why isn't this called Top 10 Random Things That Can Happen to You During a Tornado.
Anyway, I wish this would happen to me - Userguy44

Weird - BorisRule

I had a dream about it was ausome but... it was a dream:(

3 Your house gets moved to New York City unharmed

Then I could go to Nintendo NYC!

Wow. It would be a mess. - funnyuser

4 The tornado carries you to Hershey Park
5 After the tornado you find a hole that has $1 billion in it

I'd feel like diving into it and having a swim. If someone tells me that they wouldn't do that, I'd jut say, of course, you don't have one. - PositronWildhawk

6 Your worst enemy gets thrown to Germany

What if s/he lives here? - PositronWildhawk

7 After getting hit by the tornado, you get super powers

That'd be cool! - Userguy44

8 You find a treasure chest full of diamonds in the tornado
9 You get carried to paradise
10 Your dog turns into Super Dog after being hit by the tornado

The Contenders

11 You get sent to the future

Cool! - Userguy44

So, you're going into a tornado? Have fun in the future! You get to see robots, new technology, and other things earlier than you would've anywhere else! - imacg4

12 You get killed
13 The Tornado gives you $20

Vote if you experienced this before

14 You get thrown into a worm hole

And then? - Userguy44

15 You get sent to Oz
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