Top 10 Best Things That Can Happen to You During Summer Vacation

This is the opposite of my other summer vacation list. Hope you like it.

The Top Ten Best Things That Can Happen to You During Summer Vacation

Your crush kisses you
You get free V.I.P seats to your favorite singer/bands' concert

Dang I wish Freddie mercury was still alive. a V.I. P seat to a Queen concert with Freddie Mercury's awesome vocal style sounds well, AWESOME. - Draco

BEST THING EVER! I'm going to a Halsey concert this summer, but the first row 3 sections back. Still SO AMAZING that I get to see the best singer.

Let's seeā€¦
The Beatles - broken up and half dead
The Doors - half dead
David Bowie - retired from touring
Billy Joel - already seen him
Supertramp - broken up
The Beach Boys - half dead

I guess I could always see Billy again. - PetSounds

You become famous

This is a good and bad thing. But, to become famous would sound great, even with the paparazzi. - Draco

You make a #1 hit song

I write songs a lot. They are bad, so they would all be #1 hits!

But then TTT would hate me! - keycha1n

You get the house to yourself

Everyone else is gonna lose the house in the street, the moment, and then they have to let it go!

You finally beat that game level you've been stuck on for months
You get $100 million

I wish! :(

For your prom, Stevie Wonder performs "I Just Called To Say I Love You" for you and your girlfriend

2 words: Certified Marriage - Draco

Your sibling finally moves out and you get your own room

I'm still waiting. - HufflepuffGeekGirl

Paul McCartney gives you singing lessons

I doubt even Paul could salvage my singing voice. - PetSounds

Out of all the people to embarrass myself in front of! - keycha1n

Paul:Hi, lovefrombadlands, why don't you sing for me so I can assess your level.
Me:AND THEN YOU START TO FEEL THE RUSH (very off key and basically yelling)
Paul:I'm sorry, I don't think I that.

The Contenders

You Won A Mercedes Benz

This would be AWESOME! - RiverClanRocks

Meet celebrities

I met the LA Clippers at Santa Monica Pier in 2015

Your Birthday

You get to have thing your way!

You do not get burned
You get to go on a trip
BBQ Party
You get out of the house
Your parents surprise you with a vacation
You get invited to go on a vacation
Your parents allow you to go on vacation
Seeing friends from school
You get lots of school supplies
You get to go to the pool
You get to fly in a plane
You get to go on a big vacation

This is very rare for me...

Pool party
You get to eat at a buffet at a casino

My first casino buffet was probably at the former Sands in Atlantic City. My 2nd one is at the Mirage in Vegas. I can't wait for my 3rd one!

You get to watch live fireworks
You get to play with fireworks

I know it's dangerous but once my mom allowed me, my sister and my cousins to play with them while on vacation in 2015. No injuries

Going to summerfest

Block parties and free concerts!

No strict teachers
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