Top Ten Best Things That Can Happen at Your High School

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1 No More Homework Forever

It would seem that school is finally good for learning something.

Hooray! I wish it happen and it never to be end.

That would be so super awesome! It would be like winning the lottery that’s how excited I would be!

That would be great

2 All of the Bullies Get Wedgies

That's how it feels you stupid bully

Lol I've never been bullied but wedgies r hilarious to witness

Lol I love fighting bullys,

We have no bullies in our school. lol.

3 Crush Asks You Out

Feels like you are in heaven, especially if he/she is the first one.

Really this is not number one?

Ahhh... That would b nice

This happened to me but I said no because I don't tthink my parents would approve of me being in a relaatiinship this young

4 Rude Teachers Get Fired

They think they can get away with everything just because they have "authority" over students.

Rude teachers shouldn't even exist.

They should get executed by the principle

Rude teachers exist because of self-discipline.

5 Lunch Tastes Great

In order for that to happen, Michelle Obama would have to somehow get overthrown.

Our lunch is called sage BEST FOOD EVER

Our school food tastes good (thanks to pablummm)

The lunches at my high school actually tastes delicious :D

6 All of the Bullies Get Dumped
7 People Stop Calling Kids "Nerds"

"This has been posted by a nerd that doesn't realise why he has no friends." what wrong with nerds? Nerds are smarter than bullies but they don't know how to fight back, and there's some nerds who have friends, they even have friends that are not nerds, geeks or dorks.

I don't mind being called a nerd!

Our school's popular kids are all nerds (including me)

I'm no nerd, and I never been

8 No More Fanboy Wars

As if its impossible to like more than one different Video Game company, and while sports is fun to watch, mocking other sports teams seems pointless to me.

Yes! I would love that!

Happens a lot between PS3 vs Xbox and cats vs dogs. I don't know why though.

9 No More Projects That Are Going to Be Worth a Huge Portion of Your Grade

That would be awesome.

10 Everyone Becomes Mature for a Day

And stops hating on school.


I have an even better idea. If the people on TheTopTens could stop acting like anyone who isn’t “mature” is automatically bad and acting like they’re so much better than everyone else all because they’re supposedly “mature”.

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11 School on Saturdays

That would suck! Then we only would have sunday off

That would suck!

Me:Woo! It's a saturday! Yeah!
Mom: Are you dressed up for school?!
Me: Wait a sec! SCHOOL! Today is a weekend!
Mom: No! Today is a school day.

Remove this

12 Early Dismissal

Early dismissal everyday that would be the best

I had one every friday at 12:09pm witch was awesome

13 Justin Bieber visits and sings

1. Go to Canada (if you don’t live in Canada)

2. Knock and his door, and force him to come to your school

3. Make him set up a stage overnight

4. Wake up at 7 am (of course)

5. When you arrive at school all the students are horrified.

I don't want he sing to me.

I would love that.

YES YES YES! Please can this happen.

14 You Get Paid to Go

Yeah they think that teaching us is an acceptable alternative to money and it is equally valuable but not for me when all the subjects are math I will never use or lectures about peer pressure and teen stereotypes.

$10 per hour!

15 No More Special Ed

As a special ed student I agree.


16 It's pizza hut day for lunch
17 No Required Courses

Now I can take more art classes!

Me: I want to take Art!
Teacher: Sorry you get AP economics
Me: D'X

18 You are Allowed to Use the Restroom

It be nice, I usually was allowed but there was times I wasn't allowed to go


19 Having a Crush

I remember having a crush in high school, sometimes it felt nice when you seen them, or sometimes it was a little stressful, being a bit nervous to talk to them

Wrong! I had a crush in 9th grade and it was awful!

Trust me,that's a bad thing


20 You Get Closer With Your Classmates

I don’t want to get closer with my classmates.

21 It's Torn Down

This would suck if this did happen some of my good memories of going to the school would be gone since I couldn't see the building anymore

No this should not be here

Implode it instead!

With all my classmates in it! >:(

22 Tests and Exams are Abolished

Yay! Less mental breakdowns!

23 You are able to eat in class.

In some foreign countries, students can eat lunch in the classroom

I wish this would happen!

24 You scored good on a test

Asian students would really appreciate this.

25 Teachers get detentions and suspensions for being mean to students
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