Top Ten Things That Can Irritate an 8th Grader

Well what do you think that can annoy a 8 th grader

The Top Ten

1 Classmates talking about pop bands and saying rock is bad

I heard someone said that and it didn't really irritate me that much because I'm pretty diverse when it comes to music. People have they're likes and dislikes in music. - SapphireGrim

I don't wanna hear about that "pop trash". - Pegasister12

Most of the time, they give the stupidest of reasons when you ask them.

Randomly, I listen to both pop and rock music. - Fandomstuck

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2 Classmates who call you a names for knowing about a lot of things

It is very hard to understand why many people think it is fashionable to be dumb.

Many people face this,they call you a geek or nerd - Toucan

3 Extra school hours

Back in fifth grade I heard a something about them increasing school hours because some girl in Chicago wanted to staying in school for more hours. - SapphireGrim

Wow who wouldn't love this (scarcasm) - Toucan

4 Classes on sundays

Well what do ya think - Toucan

5 Strict teachers

There are few teacher who literally don't answer your questions - Toucan

Don't have them. I have my teachers once they are strict. - Fandomstuck

6 Stupid rumours

I face that everyday - Toucan

7 Lesser holidays

I would cry if that would happen - Toucan

You can make a holiday by organizing a schoolwide student boycott.

8 Homework on weekends

It happens very often - Toucan

9 Classmates that scream in class and blame you for the noise

Welcom to the jungle (classroom ),we got fun and monkeys (classmates who are bad ) - Toucan

10 Classmates who hate rock or metal

Yet again, most of them hate it either for the sake of hating it or that they have the stupidest of reasons.

Out of 35,20 people say rock is craznocks and it's very sad to hear this - Toucan

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11 Having to be in a play and be a character that is a couple
12 Juuling
13 6th and 7th Graders
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