Top 10 Things That Can Make a Song Underrated

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1 Artist Is Unknown, Unnoticed, Underrated

Blind Guardian, Mägo de Oz, etc. - PhoenixAura81

Kansas is a well known band, but the only songs that people even listened to were Carry on Wayward Son and Dust in the Wind. Without those two songs, the band would be very underrated. Because of that, songs such as Lamplight Symphony, The Pinnacle, Miracles out of Nowhere, and A Glimpse of Home are unnoticed.

Minerals and American Football are perfect example - CerealGuy

Songs from popular musicians tend to be overrated while songs from less known musicians are usually underrated.
Example - Savatage (a metal band). They are very unknown but several of their songs are masterpieces, such as: Hall Of The Mountain King, Morphine Child, Sirens, Chance. - Metal_Treasure

2 On Wrong Album

Highway Star by Deep Purple is a great song, and even one of their best, but was overshadowed by Smoke on the Water. Dread and the Fugitive Mind by Megadeth is also another great song, but nobody cares about it because it was on one of their worst albums.

1. On a good album - overshadowed by another great song
Example: The Four Horsemen by Metallica - a great song overshadowed by other great songs.

2. On a bad album - even though a song is great, nobody notices
Example: Cathedral Spires - Judas Priest (Jugulator album, vox - Tim Ripper Owens)
This album wasn't actually that bad, just not good enough for Judas Priest but the result was the same. - Metal_Treasure

3 Released Before the Band's Peak

Example: Burnnn! By Pantera. - Metal_Treasure

4 Too Complex for the Masses

Complexity is one thing that can make a song good, but people care about popularity and radio play more than imagination and creativity, which is why many great progressive rock bands such as Genesis, Yes, King Crimson, and Jethro Tull never got too popular.

Songs aren't only about words with inspirational lyrics (mainstream pop and rap). Sometimes a piece of music and brilliant instrumental solos can be much more inspirational and emotionally moving than what words can get you. Combining the two and you get a gem. For some that's complex, for some that's what makes music for them. - Kiteretsunu

It only goes to show how the mainstream music scene destroys imagination. Listen to some underground stuff and it will be more surprising. - PositronWildhawk

1) Put here all metal songs - they are always underrated compared to songs from other genres.
2) Also so called "difficult songs" from EVERY genre, including pop music. - Metal_Treasure

5 Released After the Band's Peak

Tip Pon It possibly suffered this fate. Major Lazer songs HARDLY EVER play on the radio anymore, and I think Sean Paul is in decline too. Also, Major Lazer are breaking up next year, so that might be a reason too. by the way I love Tip Pon It!

I.e. Most of Metallica’s songs from their newer albums. A lot of their newer songs are on par with their older songs. - PhoenixAura81

Example: Deep Purple's songs - Perfect Strangers (1985), The Cut Runs Deep (1990).
In my opinion these songs are way better than Smoke On The Water.
Deep Purple peaked in the early 70s and disbanded in 1974. They re-united after 10 and 15 years to record these albums. - Metal_Treasure

6 Ahead of Its Time

Example: Stone Cold Crazy by Queen - it wasn't among their 70s big hits but got some attention in the 80s-90s, when thrash became popular and somebody noticed this song sounded like a thrash song. This was actually the first thrash song in music history. Metallica did a cover. - Metal_Treasure

7 Released After a Long Pause (Over 7 Years)

People just forgot this artist ever existed, unless it's The Beatles or something like that. - Metal_Treasure

8 Wrong Place

I hate it that hardly anybody who claims to be a thrash metal fan knows Coroner. You've made an amazing list by the way! - winner333

Most African and Asian songs are underrated for this. - zxm

Example: Coroner - a thrash band from Switzerland in the mid 80s. The epicenter of thrash was too far from Switzerland. Besides, this country wasn't a metal power. - Metal_Treasure

9 Style or Genre Differs from the Usual Songs by the Band

Example: Judas Priest with Tim Ripper.

These albums included some groove metal elements and although most of the metal fans love groove metal, Judas Priest fans didn't like this change. It was too different.

Well, these albums can't be called great but they were perceived as bad albums partly because the songs were different from the usual Judas Priest songs. - Metal_Treasure

Mama Said by Metallica wasn't even a Metal song, but a Country song, and it's considered one of the worst Metallica songs. It's actually a pretty good song.

10 Released When the Genre Is In Decline

I think every music genre follows certain cycles, very similar to economic/business cycles (waves). There are fluctuations - downward and upward movements, booms, peaks, stagnation, decline. - Metal_Treasure

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11 The Song is Not in English

And that makes Rammstein underrated? - Userguy44

Mägo de Oz and Stravaganzza are both Spanish bands whose lyrics are in Spanish but I love those bands and I’m probably the only person I know (in real life) who knows them. - PhoenixAura81

12 Song Isn’t About Sex

Thanks to whoever added it. This partly explains why metal songs are underrated... - Metal_Treasure

13 Being Very Meaningful

Yeah, agree with the visitor - and by "cool melody" you probably mean annoyingly catchy and extremely simple repetitive melody. - Metal_Treasure

Haha... NO!
Most of humans lisen at crapy music eith no meanings. Like Justin Biber's Babe, Treinors NO, Let it Go, Monster How sholf I feal?! Tu be Ovee rated you don't need a good meaning you neeed a...
1. Cool melody
2. Cool melody
3. Cool melody
4. Great video look
5. A song with cachy lyrecs

End that's all.

14 Strange Single/Album Covers

Take Tip Pon It for example - I LOVE the song, but the single cover? I wouldn't have a neon sign made of THAT. I think Mad Love and Mad Love The Prequel suffered the same fate, although Mad Love (the song) had a little bit of fame.

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