Things That Can Make You Deaf

The Top Ten Things That Can Make You Deaf

1 Asteroid

An astroid is louder than a firework - Epicx

2 Fireworks
3 Airplane Engine
4 A Rock Concert

Especially one of those metal affairs with fire all over the place... Ugh! - PetSounds

5 Loud Music While Wearing Earbuds

I'm quite surprised that no one added Justin Bieber here.

6 Gunshot
7 Meteorite
8 Collapsing Cave
9 Grenade Exploding
10 Supernova

If there was sound in space, we'd be faced with lots of annoying noises, and supernovae would be one thing to destroy our hearing even from several lightyears away. - PositronWildhawk

The Contenders

11 Oil Rig Explosion
12 Hypernova
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