Top 10 Things Canada Can Do Better In the Future


The Top Ten

1 Faster Health Care Services
2 More Doctors

Or simply find some way to keep our medical students in Canada. - PetSounds

3 Cheaper Internet

Example: Residential Internet in Montreal (service provider - Videotron)
$53.95 mo. + taxes (total $60)
130 GB monthly usage (not even unlimited)
30 Mbps download speed
10 Mbps upload speed - Metal_Treasure

4 Reasonable Acceptance of Immigrants

The truth is, there are no jobs. There are some provincial differences but things changed in general - labor market got stagnant in 2008-2010, following the US and global crisis. People in Canada can't find jobs, at least it's more difficult than several years ago. Why import more unemployment? It's not good for the immigrants, it's not good for the local people. - Metal_Treasure

5 Cheaper Housing
6 More Part-time Jobs

Canadian employers are quite conservative regarding Part-time Jobs. Countries like The Netherlands are more flexible and provide this option easier. There are many people in Canada who would like to work 20 hrs a week instead of 35-40 because they study, have kids, etc.
If you split one full-time job you can employ one more person (i.e. less unemployment). - Metal_Treasure

7 More Balanced Acceptance of certain Immigrant Categories
8 Cheaper Phone and Cell Phone Services
9 More Good Jobs

You have to agree that there are good jobs and poor, junk jobs. - Metal_Treasure

10 More Entertaining TV shows

I actually have mixed opinions about this.
I watch mostly US T.V. channels but maybe the existing policy isn't bad: Why invest money in more local shows if Canadians can watch US shows? I don't think local shows would be much different. - Metal_Treasure

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