Top Ten Things Cartoon Network Could Do to Improve In 2016

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Not show Teen Titans Go 24/7

it sucks

Not call it "New Titans Thursdays"
Show Adventure Time more often

Phillysports, at lest Steven Universe has continuity and likable characters, unlike Toddler Titans NO.

It's the channel's best show. It deserves way more airtime than a measly three hours a week.

How come Cartoon Network never shows Adventure Time reruns anymore? I am so sick of these marathons of Teen Titans Go! and Steven 'Drive You to Suicide' Universe. How about you show episodes of the show that saved you from bankruptcy and brought you back from the dead. That'd be a good idea. - phillysports

Make Clarence have better episodes
Make new apps for the app store
Make more Amazing World of Gumball episodes
Advertise better
Not air new shows at 7:00 am
Cancel Teen Titans Go!, Uncle Grandpa, and Clarence

You forget about Cancel The Powerpuff Girls (2016). - LapisBob

Don't cancel Uncle Grandpa nor Clarence! - DynastiNoble

Cancel Teen Titans Go or make it less insulting

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Air More Steven Universe Episodes

It already airs like 2 hours a day, and you're complaining that it doesn't get enough airtime! It's the second most played show on Cartoon Network behind Teen Titans Go, which is really a shame when you think about it.

And other shows get no airtime and nobody is whining about that, that just shows how overrated Steven Universe has become

You're seriously complaining that they don't show this enough. It gets like four hours of airtime per day! They show this crapheap of a show even more than Teen Titans Go! now. I am so sick of these Steven Bombs or whatever the heck they're called filling up the schedule. Screw this overrated show. - phillysports

Fire Rebecca Sugar

This show was the main reason for ruining my childhood and destroying the network, I hoped they would learn their mistakes from TTG and make a good show, There wasn't a great show since Flapjack, If they do cancel it, Maybe we could get was we wanted, A better reboot, and I think Courage the Cowardly Dog's a perfect choice, Because Stretch Films is interested in bringing our favorite scary uhh... dog back.

This woman came back and contributed to ruin a certain cartoon that used to be amazing.see what happened on cartoon network on november 14th 2015.shame on all those people who created that minseries!

Make a better Fusion Fall and take down Fusion Fall Heroes
Make better episodes of Uncle Grandpa

Uncle Grandpa will never be better. You can't better what was never good. - Stevenuniversefangirl

Bring back CN City with modern characters
Make better episodes of Steven Universe
Cancel Steven Universe
Take away Teen Titans Go airtime with shows that aren't lazy enough to have some humor

Well heck! Cartoon Networks schedule and episode premier dates are so poor, an elementary school student can make it better!

Air Steven Universe 24/7
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