Top Ten Best Things in Certain Pixar Movies

Because appearently I got so much hate for critsizing Pixar so I will do the opposite now, so without further ado, let's start!

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1 It's Striving For Originality (Inside Out) It's Striving For Originality (Inside Out)

Inside Out is without a doubt the most original Pixar movie there is! While Toy Story was revolutionary and original for its time, Inside Out probably is the most original animated movie in years! Almost every kid in the world wonders what is going on in your heads and this movie makes it so good! While Ithink the movie is somewhat overrated, it's a masterpiece and I respect the originality the movie has! And yes the pun "Striving for Originality was intended" - darthvadern

It is original. - girlcool

It's amazing! - Aquastar_of_DewClan

2 The Message (Wall-E) The Message (Wall-E)

Alright, I don't want to bash Zootopia but Wall-E's message is miles better. It tells us to not trash down the Earth or else it will be uninhabitable, this movie is in my opinion the best Pixar movie - darthvadern

So sweet and deep and sad ;w;

3 The Story (Up) The Story (Up)

Even though Up is one of my lesser favoured Pixar movies, I will give it credit for having such an emotional story. The first ten seconds will leave you in tears, enough said - darthvadern

4 (Loads of Star Wars Jokes) Toy Story 2 (Loads of Star Wars Jokes) Toy Story 2

Toy Story 2 is the best Toy Story in my opinion and this is one of the reasons, while the first one had Star Wars jokes as well this one had way more! I mean in the intro when that thing detects Buzz on the planet is similar to the intro in Return of the Jedi. And Zurg needs no explanation! - darthvadern

Star Wars jokes=good?

5 Evil Emperor Zurg Is Awesome (Toy Story 2) Evil Emperor Zurg Is Awesome (Toy Story 2)

I thought he was the coolest Toy Story character when I was a kid. - girlcool

Reminds me of Darth Vader. - BlazingParasol

He's so good deserves his own spot on the list, he's that good! So Toy Story 2 had three villians in which one of them was a suprise villian, while Zurg is mostly fan-service and doesn't serve as much purpose as the other two villians his design is just so awesomne - darthvadern

6 It Is So Relatable (Toy Story) It Is So Relatable (Toy Story)

If you saw this movie as a child you know how much charm it has. The beautiful "You've Got A Friend In Me" song and your toys actually being alive and having their own conflicts. It's so relatable - darthvadern

7 The Serious Plot (Toy Story 3) The Serious Plot (Toy Story 3)

Now Toy Story 3 may be one of the weaker Pixar movies in my opinion I got to give it credit for at least actually trying to be something good unlike many movie sequels (looking at you Transformers). The plot is so good! Andy is going to college and his mom accidently donates the toys to a daycare, Sunyside and they must get back before Andy leaves for good. The plot is so serious and it has tons of emotional moments - darthvadern

8 The Message (Ratatouille) The Message (Ratatouille)

Although not as good as Wall-E's message it's still great for children because you're suppose to follow your dreams and not your parents that will decide what you will work as in the future - darthvadern

9 You Get Hungry While Watching It (Ratatouille) You Get Hungry While Watching It (Ratatouille)

I have currently only seen in two times, once on Viaplay and once in seventh grade, and Ijust got so hungry by seeing it! I would love to eat all these delicious dishes they are making in the movie! - darthvadern

10 The Animation (Cars 3) The Animation (Cars 3)

Alright I gotta be honest the animation was the best thing about Cars 3, it just looks so real and man it's awesomne! I could write paragraphs on why the animation is so good but I won't - darthvadern

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11 The Plot (The Incredibles)
12 The Songs (Coco)
13 The Soundtrack (Cars)
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1. It's Striving For Originality (Inside Out)
2. (Loads of Star Wars Jokes) Toy Story 2
3. Evil Emperor Zurg Is Awesome (Toy Story 2)
1. It's Striving For Originality (Inside Out)
2. The Message (Wall-E)
3. The Story (Up)


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