Top 10 Things that Certain Video Games Have Been Absurdly Overpraised and/or Overrated for by Their Fans

You know very well what sorts of things I'm talking about here.

The Top Ten

1 Being Final Fantasy VI but with atrociously ugly graphics, a massively bloated and nonsensical storyline, even more annoyingly cliched characters and outright horrid gameplay (and also Xenogears but without the intelligence) - Final Fantasy VII

Literally the reason why Xenogears' original prototype was converted into FFVII:

Xenogears' plot was quite literally deemed "too smart and properly developed" for Final Fantasy - xandermartin98

2 Adding fully cutscene-based and mission-based gameplay (the things that everyone utterly DESPISES the most about Other M) to the Metroid series - Metroid Fusion
3 Taking Super Mario 64, removing nearly every open-world element of it and pushing it into space - Super Mario Galaxy

At least a few (read: A FEW) songs from its soundtrack lived up to the hype, if nothing else - xandermartin98

4 Being the first rhythm game and also by far one of the absolute worst rhythm games ever made, AND with remarkably few redeeming qualities to back it up when compared to its sequels at that - Parappa The Rapper
5 Having the exact same "real-time" gimmick that had already been done at least thrice by Final Fantasy, boasting a lack of random battles that had already been done by Earthbound, and having thirteen endings that few of are actually good - Chrono Trigger
6 Having a somehow even less realistic form of the karma system from inFamous and passing it off as literally Mass-Effect-level interactive storytelling like you've "never seen before" - Undertale

Despite how great I think this game is, there is no doubt that the morality system is basically non existent - kempokid

The fact that UT is still an amazing work-of-art of a game despite this is its true greatest accomplishment - xandermartin98

7 Taking Uncharted, removing nearly everything actually good about its gameplay and adding zombies - The Last Of Us

Yes, there was also a LITTLE more of a story,

but it's honestly reminiscent of how everyone thinks Half-Life 2 has the greatest storyline to ever grace video games just because it's an infinitely more developed plotline than the virtually nonexistent one that Half-Life 1 had - xandermartin98

8 The infamous Mimiga Enslavement plot twist that occurs about midway through the game - Cave Story
9 Being a crowning achievement of the astronomically overrated, roughly-one-hour-long-per-game and hilariously cheaply-made style-over-substance cash-grab of a video game trilogy that Parappa The Rapper is (and starring a hot sexy girl) - Um Jammer Lammy

Don't even get me STARTED on the "hot sexy girl" part

(trust me; the less you know ABOUT that part of my description, the better) - xandermartin98

10 Being essentially just a majorly toned-down videogame form of Happy Tree Friends - Conker's Bad Fur Day

The Contenders

11 Being the Most Difficult Game of All Time Despite the Fact that in Reality, It is Nothing More Than a Game with a Good Level of Challenge - Dark Souls

I think the Souls series is very difficult, but the whole thing about praising it as the most difficult game ever is really stale - kempokid

12 Lara Croft Being Sexy - Tomb Raider
13 Being Basically Just Classic Street Fighter but with More Violence and (Up Until 9 and X) Even Less Depth - Mortal Kombat
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