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1 Your opinions

Notice how I like die antwoord more than Marilyn Manson this year - BananaBrain

It's the reason Peppa Pig isn't one of my favorite shows.

Ever since I joined I've realized that EVERY SHOW EVER MADE has a reason to hate it or can otherwise be considered crappy or awful. IT'S SO DISTURBING! I also realized that not one person alive is sane because EVERYONE has stupid opinions about SOMETHING (such as they hate Frozen because it's overrated, seriously, how stupid can you get? ) I don't even get the point of life, and I realized that in my 20 years of being alive, I NEVER HAVE GOTTEN THE POINT OF LIFE. And I'm writing this at 2:30 in the morning on July 10, 2015. I don't even know why I'm still alive.

This is wrong. You should never unwillingly change your opinions just because somebody disagreed with them. If you like something, continue to like it, and if you dislike or even hate something, continue doing that, no matter what anyone says. This is only a website, and we should all be free to share our opinions without fear of being bullied or criticized.

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2 Your interests

Some of my interests did change, but I don't know if it's because of this website. - Misfire

When I first joined, I didn't know what real music was. I listened to really popular artists (I'm looking at you, Taylor Swift). Then, I started realizing about The Beatles, Queen, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, etc. And I changed. For that, I am eternally grateful - kaitlynrad11

Well, I rarely get influenced by things, and I do things what I really like. Though my interests may broaden, they don't change. - Kiteretsunu

I don't know but I used to like New Madonna but when I came to this site, I came to like Madonna, the old one. - kontrahinsunu

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3 Your excitement

Yes it does excite me often. - Userguy44

This doesn't apply to everyone, but something that I dislike about myself is how unwilling I am now to branch out and meet new people. I no longer approach conversation with the same excitement and friendliness, that's only towards a few members now.

I'm just as thrilled when I put out new stuff as when I started, but the "newbie" buzz regarding the members and features has died down. - keycha1n

Yes, In my first week of TheTopTens, I used to think about list ideas all the time. - Animefan12

Got excited of this website but lessened a while after - Neonco31

4 The initial appeal

Yeah, I agree with this one a lot - sadical

TTT loses luster over time. I'm just as obsessed, but the previous opinions about this site have totally shifted. I've seen TTT from the front and back and the bad stuff becomes real noticeable the longer you stay. I had a very romanticized version of this site going in, I may still adore it here, but it's not the same. - keycha1n

There's some truly addictive elements of this site, and some that prolific users have a responsibility to maintain, such as high quality lists and posts, but of course, the constant follow requests will put you off from time to time. - PositronWildhawk

Every day I struggle to find something to do with my life, and not just on this site, but in general. And it's 2:34 in the morning on July 10, 2015. I can't even SLEEP.

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5 Your ability to spot trolls

Sometimes I wonder if EVERY USER is a troll. Can you believe how many people hate Frozen? And for the stupidest reasons ever, if they even HAVE a reason that is. Yes, from what I've seen some people DON'T have a reason to hate it, they just do. HOW STUPID CAN YOU GET? It's not just that. It's also the fact that EVERY PERSON has stupid opinions about SOMETHING. Either they like something you don't, or they hate something you love. Or both. It makes no sense!

When I was new, I was kind of gullible (I'm still ridiculously gullible), I didn't know how to spot a troll or an attention-seeker at all and fell for most of them. As you go on this site longer, they become obvious and a pain in the crass. - keycha1n

I am very guilty of being gullible. Embarrassingly so, in fact. I am thankful that "trolls" seem to like leaving me be. Of course, this very comment might be unraveling my happy existence as we speak. - BKAllmighty

I was pretty new when JBL came around, and I ended up feeding her. I've learned now to leave them alone. - Minecraftcrazy530

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6 The fresh, clean slate

I joined in 2013. I had my "fresh, clean slate" in 2016. - Britgirl

I could've been anything when I started. I could've made only one kind of list or never made comments or became a troll. People now know what to expect from me and I'm happy with what I've built (mostly, I've made some regrettable late-night comments but that's irrelevant). - keycha1n

I don't know but I'm really trying to change that. Earlier I never went against anyone on this site even if I disagreed with them. But right now I'm trying to be more honest with myself and my opinions, even if I've to go against any user whose opinion I disagree with. - Kiteretsunu

I make a lot of Pokémon lists... - RiverClanRocks

7 Knowledge of quality content

My posts should be HQ and the fact they're not is annoying - BananaBrain

Yes this is true. For myself anyway. Nowadays I have better standards when it comes to creating lists. - ParasN2000

If you see some of my old lists, they're rather boring. I'm more proud of my newer content because I actually put descriptions in all my lists now. My member score might be rising slower than it used to, but it doesn't matter. Quality over quantity. - Turkeyasylum

I literally once Googled "How to be a good TopTenner on TheTopTens website" when I first joined. I had no results, but I adapted. I think? Did I succeed in my original task? Not my position to answer! - keycha1n

8 The curiosity

How many levels are there? What achievements can I get? What constitutes a good list? What should I make my blogs about? How many lists per ___? Who is this member?

TTT changes in small ways every now and then, but as you become acquainted with the site, you get used to how all of the features work and what to do to create high-quality content. - keycha1n

When I started doing TTT back from June 2013, I dreamed of being in the highest list maker stat and I kept making lists and at last I reached Top 10 in it on July 2014. But then, I felt that TTT was boring. So, I Took a break and found out that a ranking system has been added, then I chose to return back and improve my stats. - kormo

Why I joined in the first place. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

9 Familiarity with the unspoken rules of TheTopTens

There are gray areas regarding this. It is known that you have to bring your own creativity and ideas and not take it from other websites, but what about making a list with information obtained from books, which are not in the form of lists? I have done one or two of these, and I really have no Idea whether it's right or wrong - styLIShT

They really SHOULD have a disclaimer about using multiple accounts. I see people do it a lot. I used to do it when I was trying to improve the Best Disney Movies and Worst T.V. shows. Then I realized it only damages your original account's remixes. But what's sad is some people actually register twice because they forgot the password to their old account, and then they wanna redo a list they remixed before. But like I said, it only damages the original account's remix.

There are unspoken social rules everywhere we go, picking up on them is important because there's usually a reason they were set up in the first place. For example: don't make a list with less than ten items (I did this frequently as a new member). That's annoying man. - keycha1n

Well those unspoken rules have clearly set into written rules by admins. - Kiteretsunu

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10 The respect you receive

I guess I have a still a long way to go on this journey. - Userguy44

You gotta work your way up, which I admit I didn't do before people started giving me positive feedback, not that I'm complaining, only that it was unjust. - keycha1n

Yes. When I was new I wasn't exactly where I am now. I left for a few (billion)(just kidding) months and then I came back and now., - AnonymousChick

I wasn't even that active until March 29, 2015. Look where I am now! (I started June 14, 2014).

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11 You learn to follow PositronWildhawk's lead if you want to be accepted

People, the idea of becoming popular is not to change yourself. Be yourself, because that's what's important. I accept and support people for being themselves, as that's what makes them who they are and what gives them true potential. Also, I'm not a dictator, giving only the worthy the right to stand out. I'm a mediator, helping people build up their standards. You can't polish people up with force. - PositronWildhawk

Well, being popular and being yourself are separate things. If you try to be yourself, you won't necessarily be popular, and if you try to be popular then you won't be yourself. - Kiteretsunu

I agree. It's not what the popularity counts, it's what the fun and experience counts. You're unique and cool in your own ways. If someone you hang out with doesn't like you for who you are, he ain't worth talking to or hanging out with. The people who try to copy Mr. Wildhawk style just can't realize what I just said. There's a huge difference between "Getting Inspired By Someone Else" and "Copy Someone Else". I don't care about popularity. I sign up and tries to not get so much attention. If I gained a huge percentage number, It distracts me to learning, realizing or thinking what's really important on this website and "life". Being Yourself. If you want popularity, being yourself. That's the only method in an instruction book (If it had one). - MostTalented_BoyX

I'm not going to pretend I don't look up to Positron, because he's an inspiration. But people either trying to copy him or leech off his popularity kind of annoy me. However, that's not for me to say, he can fight his own fights. - keycha1n

I'm fine if someone's work motivates you to work harder, but when you're just copying them, its different. If you have something to offer to the site, there's nothing better to offer than exactly what you bring to the site uniquely. - keycha1n

The world's largest game of follow the leader. - Puga

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12 Being more open to others' opinions

This site taught me to accept opinions to be honest I was bad at that before I joined and as I joined. - BananaBrain

I've been more accepting of others' opinions since I visited two websites regularly:YouTube and here.I used to hate others' opinions,but over the years I've learnt to accept everyone's opinions since everyone has a different way of thinking.I think it's pretty meaningful since I still see many people only entitled to their own opinion and hating everyone else who disagrees,which is a bad way of seeing things.

13 Your ability to continuously conjure up new and interesting lists

I can do this! Minus the word interesting... - gemcloben

14 Your perception of other users

I've encountered several people who are regular trolls or spam voters, and I subconsciously tend to devalue their opinions, intentionally or not. Similarly, I've seen users who have posted things I haven't agreed with and looked down on their opinions until I got to know more about them personally. I've also taken other users down my personal pedestal after realizing that their main objective is to get more votes. The more you get to know the other users, the more your perception will change over time. - Gg2000

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