Top 10 Things that Change When You Become a Metal Fan

This list isn't supposed to be taken very seriously although it may contain things addressing serious aspects of becoming a metal fan.

The Top Ten

1 You don't think Nirvana is the heaviest band ever
2 Lady Gaga's Heavy Metal Lover isn't your favorite metal song anymore
3 You don't think Michael Jackson's Thriller is the scariest song ever
4 You don't think Ringo Star is the best drummer ever
5 You don't like many songs you liked before

Currently I even wonder how I liked some songs. - Metal_Treasure

6 Pop music suddenly loses its appeal
7 You don't think Michael Jackson has the most powerful voice ever

Because you already heard much more powerful voices in metal - Metal_Treasure

8 You don't think AC/DC is metal
9 You don't think Jimmy Page is the best guitarist ever

Because you have heard many guitarists that are better. - Metal_Treasure

10 You don't pee your pants anymore

I started to like metal when I was 8. I stopped listening to music for about 2 years, when I was eleven I started to again and my music taste evolved from there into what it is today.

Yes, because people don't become metal fans at 3, 5, 7 or even 10. Metal music is a choice people usually make at a later phase of life. - Metal_Treasure

Haha! Even detrusor muscles are metalheads too. - Entranced98

The Contenders

11 The singers you liked before don't sound good to you anymore

This happened to me - after Rob Halford, Dio, Hansi, Michael Kiske and some other brilliant metal singers, I began noticing the flaws in the vocal technique of many rock/hard rock singers I liked before.
And I am not even talking about the autotuned "singers". - Metal_Treasure

12 You prefer Johan Hegg's burps over Michael Jackson's hiccups

Johan Hegg - vocalist for Amon Amarth (a melodic death metal band) - Metal_Treasure

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