Top Ten Best Things at Chick-Fil-A

Everyone loves Chick Fil A, I sure do! So why not make a list of the most delicious things there.

The Top Ten

1 Chick-n-Minis

It sucks that Chick Fil A only serves breakfast until 10:30! Ever since I was little I have loved these things! It's a warm chicken nugget wrapped up in a warm, delicious biscuit lightly coated with honey! What could be better? - Cartermd

2 Chicken Sandwich

This is a great thing to get for lunch and dinner. A nice big piece of chicken between 2 delicious buns! - Cartermd

Gets some Mayo with those delicious chicken sandwiches, they are amazing. - Nick-brick8

3 Ice Cream Cone

I have to say that Chick Fil A has the best ice cream anywhere. Its creamy, soft, smooth and delicious. - Cartermd

4 Chicken Nuggets

Delicious! Nobody makes chicken like Chick Fil A! - Cartermd

How could you possibly at the very slightest hate it?

How can you NOT like chicken nuggets! - Minecraftcrazy530

The only possible way to hate it, according to scientific data,is robe a vegetarian. That's it.

5 Dr Pepper

Chick Fil A has better tasting fountain drinks than most places. But my favorite is the Dr pepper because it goes well with everything! - Cartermd

6 Waffle Fries

When my family goes there, we always get 1-2 burgers, fries and salads

Not as good as most place, but there a different style they are ok. - Cartermd

7 Spicy Chicken Sandwich

This deserves to be higher - Nick-brick8

8 Chicken Biscuit

Another good breakfast item - Cartermd

9 Chocolate Chunk Cookie

This item made me hungry for a cookie - nintendofan126

A nice, warm, delicious chocolate cookie with chunks of chocalte chip inside! - Cartermd

10 Grilled Chicken Nuggets

The Contenders

11 Coffee
12 Iced Coffee
13 Coca-Cola
14 Vanilla Milkshake

Why isn't this higher

15 Chicken Salad
16 Iced Lemonade

It's AMAZING! And I don't really even like lemonade.

17 Lemonade

Best and sourest lemonade ever!

18 Customer Service
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