Top 10 Things Most Children Hate/Worry About/Don't Want to Do but Can't Stop


The Top Ten

1 Thunderstorms

Parental shoukld tell their kids don't be scared its miles away - ihatetrump

HEEEYYY KIIIDDS! FEAR ME! oh... wait - LightningStrike

2 Tornadoes
3 Hurricanes

This should be number 1. - LeRoiDesSapins

4 Banging

I heard my parents banging when I was 5 and I thought they were moving the heavy fat T.V. - ihatetrump

It you know what I mean

I also found one of my daddys used condoms thought it was a balloon and tried to blow it up he took it out of my mouth and threw it away - ihatetrump

5 Terrorism
6 Going to School

It is hell 4kids

I don't see of having tainted hate on IT but I feel quite dull of having no taste on it I wish I could have this conscience back- Kevinsidis

7 Murder
8 Crime
9 Shooting
10 Shopping

Unless it's shopping for toys

The Contenders

11 No WiFi

All the kids in my class fear that as if No WiFi was a kidnapper.

12 Pornhub Pornhub

I'm 17 technically a id and I go on pornhub - ihatetrump

Why would a kid even be on pornhub?


Really? Roblox? You got to be kidding me -.- I'm a kid and I love roblox... so I don't know what kind of kid hates Roblox but I don't.

It sucks its lazily made - ihatetrump

14 Circus Clowns

Dude, take a chill pill! It's a circus CLOWN! Just imagine it without makeup. I'm not saying I like clowns. I hate them. There cringy. Does that mean I'm scared of them? ABSOLOUTLY NOT!

15 Death

...for now.

16 Dentist

My childhood dentist was evil!

17 Minecraft Minecraft
18 Noobs
19 Their friends moving away
20 Drama
21 Donald Trump Donald Trump
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