Top Ten Things Children Have the Urge to Do at the Supermarket

The Top Ten

1 Step on the square pattern tiles without touching the lines

I did that all the time when I was little. Whenever I went to Market Basket with my Mom, I would pretend the white tiles were white lava and the red tiles were platforms because there were much less red tiles and hop across them to pass time. But now my feet are too big :(

I do that all the time but sometimes the square tiles are too small so I end up stepping on the lines. - cosmo

I do that sometimes. Because my sister forces me to. - PizzaGuy

I do this.. A LOT - JaysTop10List

2 Look at toys
3 Moan about boring shops
4 Put random stuff in the trolley/basket
5 Talk to their parents
6 Step down the escalator instead of standing on it

It just saves time. Those kids are smart. Unless the escalator's going up. - PositronWildhawk

7 Sit on the ground
8 Ask their parent to get a toy for them
9 Dance
10 Look at everything

The Contenders

11 Get a cookie

Oh lord Why is Publix selling free cookies in the first place tons of kids get them

12 Want candy
13 Scream

They do this around 10 or 11 o'clock at night.

14 Make a mess in the aisles without cleaning it up.
15 Break things without having themselves or the parents pay for the item.

What happened to personal responsibility?

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