Things Chris Brown and Justin Bieber Have in Common

The Top Ten

1 They're both overrated
2 They both beat up their girlfriends

JB never beat up Selena Gomez or anybody, not that I know of

3 They're both a disgrace to hip-hop/rap, pop, and R&B
4 They both use autotune
5 They're both collaborating wack rappers
6 They both post nude pictures on social media
7 They both write awful lyrics
8 They both have terrible albums
9 They're both copying Michael Jackson's dance moves and fashion
10 They both were on the same track

True, can't deny that - oneshot

The Contenders

11 They're both ruining their fans
12 They both get on the Hot 100
13 They both treat women like pigs
14 Both are overhated
15 Both do drugs
16 Both wear creepy tattoos
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