Top 10 Things Chris Chan Could Attempt If He Were Able to Invade Fictional Universes

The Top Ten Things Chris Chan Could Attempt If He Were Able to Invade Fictional Universes

1 Start his own crossdressing male-princess bestiality prostitution business, with Yoshi as his canvas and hallucinogenic mushrooms as the finishing touches to the paint - Mario

This list is messed up.

2 Strap Lammy's naked, crying body to an operating table, shave her beautiful hair right off, drill a hole into her skull and insert his phallic guitar (and a straw) into the mushy cocaine-riddled abyss of her brain while Parappa and Katy watch - Parappa

I don't think even Chris-chan is that degenerate.

3 Tie up every single pony he can find, no matter how young they may be, and imprison them in his basement for...reasons - My Little Pony

Sucks but I'd rather get imprisoned by this idiot than get raped by him - Neonco31

4 Make it his lifelong dream to lick, suck and worship every single character's feet and privates (again, no matter how young) until his mouth goes numb - Sonic The Hedgehog
5 Transform into Sonichu Chris-Chan and electrocute Gunvolt so he could electrically overflow to death and sexually assault Lumen - Azure Striker Gunvolt
6 Skin Alphys alive, throw her off one of Hotland's highest cliffs into the boiling hot lava down below and effectively...AHEM...REPLACE her as the resident weeaboo of the game, if you know what I'm saying - Undertale
7 Kidnap and sexually harass almost the entire cast - Touhou Project

Don't forget raping them

8 Torture every Precure (especially Cure Moonlight) to death - Precure

All of the Precures can kick Chris Chan's fat smelly ass any day, I don't think he'd even be able to touch them at all, the Precures can use hand to hand combat very well and have all their powerful special attacks.

9 Cut his perineum open with Sniper's knife - Team Fortress 2
10 "Befriend" Nanoha, Fate, and company himself - Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

The Contenders

11 Kidnap and torture Sakura and Tomoyo while videotaping the whole thing using Tomoyo's video camera - Cardcaptor Sakura
12 Mace, torture and sexually assault Coco to death over Crash's fur being a slightly different shade of orange in the N-Sane Trilogy, then eat Crash for dinner later - Crash Bandicoot
13 Inflate poor Kirby until he literally pops like a balloon - Kirby
14 Try to defeat Kira, Shinn, and Athrun in his Sonichu form - Mobile Suit Gundam SEED/SEED Destiny
15 Kill Zero for looking different from his X series counterpart - Mega Man Zero
16 Use a shrink ray on one of the trains and then shove it up his bum - Thomas The Tank Engine
17 Harass all the girls in μ's - Love Live!
18 Tie up Ami and Yumi so he could have sexual intercourse with them - Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

Why would you rape two kids?

19 Turn everything into Sonichu-related - Regular Show

Muscle Man: Oh no bro! - BorisRule

20 Take Conker's girlfriend Berri to Pooland with him so that he can get her all nice and muddy - Conker's Bad Fur Day
21 Fly all the way from Johto to Kanto in an attempt to "save" Misty from Brock - Pokémon
22 Perform brain surgery on Jimmy with his penis - Jimmy Neutron

OH GOD the cringe...

23 Attack Sonic for having blue arms - Sonic Boom

The classic! - BorisRule

24 Join The Hero Factory - Hero Factory
25 Kill Rudolf Hargen with a Curse-ye-ha-me-ha and then have a big sex orgy with Aika, Rion, Mapia, Neina and all of the Delmo Corps women - Agent Aika

Considering Hargen in that series was planning to turn the Earth into his own harem, that wouldn't be too far off the mark and Chris would have been jealous of him getting a bunch of women unlike him.

Or he could also use the Lagu to turn the entire Earth into CWCville, LOL. - SailorSedna

*KABOOM* - BorisRule

26 Burn all of the local villagers' houses down, starting with his own - Animal Crossing
27 Have sexual intercourse with skeletons and robots - Undertale

And goats too, Chris probably would try to go after Toriel. - SailorSedna

28 Have sexual intercourse with the animatronics - Five Nights At Freddy's
29 Go inside Spongebob's brain (Plankton-style) and mind-control him into screwing Sandy in public - Spongebob Squarepants
30 Join the Fire Nation in an effort to destroy the legendary Avaturd once and for all - Avatar: The Last Airbender
31 Replace the Fire Nation with the Sonichu Nation - Avatar: The Last Airbender
32 Become the new George Liquor - Ren & Stimpy
33 Perform his version of "Chop Chop Master Onion Rap" - Parappa
34 Transform into Chris-Chan Sonichu and fight Asperchu - Asperchu
35 Attempt to copy Rito's accidental fall - To Love-Ru
36 Kindnap Marina and Probably have sex with her in some kind of private room - Splatoon
37 Pop some Puyos with Risukuma and Ocean Prince - Puyo Puyo
38 Put Gunvolt's hand into an electric socket and overflow his electrical charge so he could die - Azure Striker Gunvolt
39 Tie and lock up Sakura and Tomoyo and videotape his whole time with them on Tomoyo's video camera - Cardcaptor Sakura

Already on this list. - SailorSedna

40 Have sexual intercourse with all of the Care Bears and cousins - Care Bears
41 Steal Grim's Sycthe, Take Over the Underworld, Create an Entire Army of Zombies, and Rule the World - The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
42 Join the Necros and the Lords of the Inma Empire, Transform Into a Monster Somehow, and Rape a Ton of Girls, Including the Venus Five Team and Buccha - (Sailor Senshi) Venus 5

Venus 5 is a really crappy hentai that's also a really horrible Sailor Moon parody, and considering the reasons Chris Chan was a fan of Sailor Moon (making Sailor Moon fans look bad), it's obvious what he would think if he happened to see this. - SailorSedna

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