Top Ten Things Conservatives Believe In

I think I've well established that I'm on the far right of politics. The items on this list are true for most conservatives, and definitely me.

The Top Ten

1 Pro Life

Pro Life's thick as brick.
You really need to learn how a fetus grows.
Actually everyone that is pro life should've been aborted.

Somebody add 'Worshipping Shrek Anime' to the list please. - AlphaQ

Hell yeah and I’m proud

2 Capitalism
3 Tradition/Old Values

I'm no conservative, but I do like tradition. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

I am in no way conservative. But I do like tradition and have old-fashioned values. - Britgirl

Not true. I'm a conservative and I really, really hate traditional values as well as gender norms.

Do they believe women are inferior?

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4 Facts are Better Than Feelings

Ben Shapiro (a really conservative celebrity) said something like that. I believe he said quote “Facts do not care about your feelings” unquote. - PhoenixAura81

Well they are.

Won't get far with that kind of talk around here. Logic is frowned upon on this site.

Look, I'm a liberal, and we don't agrue with this one in the slightest - RecklessGreed

5 Freedom

Bit as soon as someone insults Trump,conservatives can't respect that.Not only that most conservatives don't believe in separation of church and state.No,I'm not liberal because I hate them too and I hate all political ideologies.Politics is trash.-DarkBoi-X

6 Personal Responsibility
7 Strong Defense for Our Country
8 Limited Government
9 The Right to Own Property
10 The Right to Bear Arms

The Contenders

11 The Bill of Rights Limits Government, Not the People
12 Gender Equality

Pretty much everyone supports this, including me. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

This is a purposely vague talking point of the left, having nothing to do with conservative philosophy.

Both conservatives and liberals support this - TwilightKitsune

13 Hating anyone with a different way of life than them
14 Homophobia is Okay

Homophobia is definitely NOT okay. Anyone can love whoever they want. - PhoenixAura81

*SCOFF* Christians- Kevinsidis

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