Top Ten Things Conservatives Believe In

I think I've well established that I'm on the far right of politics. The items on this list are true for most conservatives, and definitely me.

The Top Ten

1 Tradition/Old Values

Not true. I'm a conservative and I really, really hate traditional values as well as gender norms.

I am in no way conservative. But I do like tradition and have old-fashioned values. - Britgirl

Do they believe women are inferior?

2 Pro Life
3 Capitalism
4 Facts are Better Than Feelings

Won't get far with that kind of talk around here. Logic is frowned upon on this site.

Well they are.

Look, I'm a liberal, and we don't agrue with this one in the slightest - RecklessGreed

5 Strong Defense for Our Country
6 Personal Responsibility
7 Freedom
8 Limited Government
9 The Bill of Rights Limits Government, Not the People
10 The Right to Own Property

The Contenders

11 Gender Equality

This is a purposely vague talking point of the left, having nothing to do with conservative philosophy.

Both conservatives and liberals support this - TwilightKitsune

12 The Right to Bear Arms
13 Hating anyone with a different way of life than them
14 Homophobia is Okay
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