Top Ten Things that Contribute to Making a TopTenner Popular


The Top Ten

1 Kindness

I love it when toptenners are kind. Many popular TTT users areknown for their kindness - AnonymousChick


Write a lot of comments, and try not to be rue with them. A thumbs up on a comment is one of the best feeling you get here, so try to get a whole ton by writing long and many comments. - AnonymousChick

3 Lists

Most important. "TheTopTens" titles indicates this. But contribution for popularity isn't very good. - zxm

Make lots of lists and eventually people will click the name above the lis.t - AnonymousChick

4 Messaging

Let me explain: Being nice goes from commenting, to lists to messaging, but writing messages makes you known amongst our community - AnonymousChick

5 Being Different

You can't be someone whoi people pay attention to if you're another user in the crowd. Be different from the others and you'll soon be noticed - AnonymousChick

6 Quality

Doesn't matter if this is about your lists, comments, or posts. The higher quality, the more popular it could be. People take more time to read a detailed explanation on how you love something than a simple "this is cool." - AnonymousChick

7 Reply to Posts on Lots of Things

Especially the Rate Games. If you comment on those, which are visited a lot, people will see you. - AnonymousChick

8 Have a Favorite Users List on Your Profile

This is personal experience here. If you/ or someone sees you with your / their name on the list, you'll/they'll message you. - AnonymousChick

9 Write a Lot of Blog Posts.

Especially on popular lists, just make sure they're HQ so they show up - AnonymousChick

10 Have a Lot of Stuff on Your Profile

People will get to know you and message you by looking at your interests. If you have copy paste stuff, put the interesting things, or maybe the ones that sshow your care for someone's loss. Tose ones are really nice and the person who had the loss will feel better about it. - AnonymousChick

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