Top 10 Things Nicki Minaj Should Be Magically Turned Into

Top 10 things Cosmo from the Fairly Oddparents should turn Nicki Minaj into.

The Top Ten

1 A Garbage Can

Then you can light it on fire.

2 An Anaconda

That would be quite ironic

Because of that song - Neonco31

No pun intented.

3 A Toilet

Reminds me of a Hitler parody that he ends up being a toilet.

This is almost too cruel! - Entranced98

4 A Rock
5 A Cow
6 A Chair
7 A Pig
8 An Apology Letter to the World


And when Justin Bieber delivers it, the song "Sorry" will play in the backround. And I will rip it up into shreds
(the letter)

9 A Pile of Bricks
10 A House

I wouldn't want to live in that house. - Minecraftcrazy530

The Contenders

11 A Log
12 A Bag of Trash

You can't turn into what you already are... - Brobusky

13 A Fish

Then take her onto land and she can't breathe. Goodbye, Nicki

14 A Frog
15 A Pen
16 A Fly

Then smash it. - Popsicles

17 Charlie Sheen Charlie Sheen
18 Poop

This doesn't make sense, isn't that what she already is?

19 Toxic Waste
20 A Carrot
21 Soap

It would make me dirty.

22 A Sink
23 A Recycle Bin
24 A Chalk Board
25 A Horse
26 A Suitcase
27 A Tree
28 A Magazine
29 A Cookbook
30 A Pencil
31 An Eraser
32 A Marker
33 A Crayon
34 A Pair of Pants
35 A Jersey

I wouldn't want to wear her.

36 A Wheel
37 A Tire
38 A Soda Can
39 An Elephant
40 A Whale
41 A Necklace
42 A Wig
43 An Avocado
44 An Apple
45 A Tomato
46 A Banana
47 An Orange
48 Peanut Butter
49 Mayonnaise
50 Jelly
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