Top Ten Things that Could Go Wrong on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is coming, just made this list for fun! 😊 What do you think is the worst thing that can happen on Thanksgiving that will completely ruin it, TheTopTens?

The Top Ten

1 The turkey is dropped on the floor

Or maybe it explodes! - Phillip873

2 You have travelling issues

If you are just traveling this is a hassle. If you have seen the movie "Trains, Planes, and Automobiles", it's literally about this! - Phillip873

3 The house catches on fire

Only let the people in your family who can actually cook, cook! - Phillip873

4 The store runs out of turkey

RIP your Thanksgiving dinner! - Phillip873

5 You have to have a serving of one of your least favorite foods

I hate brussel sprouts!

Happens to me quite a bit on Thanksgiving - Phillip873

6 You get too full and throw up

My little cousin threw up on Thanksgiving 2014

Thankfully, hasn't happened to me yet - Phillip873

7 There is no gravy

Geez, that would suck for me and a lot of people - Phillip873

8 You have to eat at McDonalds

Not going to lie. I was REALLY picky as a kid. Back then, I was never into Thanksgiving food whenever my family took me to a friend's house, so I would have my dad take me to McDonald's every Thanksgiving dinner until I started to be less picky. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Scoff* I would rather go to waffle house and put on my music by listening to Elton John and enjoy my meal and myself in there - Kevinsidis

Lol, this would actually be a good idea - Neonco31

Some people do this! - Phillip873

9 You have to eat vegan

Turkey and ham are essential to Thanksgiving! - Phillip873

10 Someone plays football in the house, but then drops the football and causes the chef to trip, leading to all the food in the kitchen being ruined

I should watch Regular show again, I stopped like halfway. - Phillip873

Regular Show showed us this the hard way. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

The Contenders

11 The family discusses politics at the table

You know, the thing that splits even close relationships apart - Phillip873

12 Someone steals your Turkey

I'll just steal it (and all of their food) back!

13 You get stuffed instead of your turkey
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