Top Ten Things that Could Go Wrong on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is coming, just made this list for fun! 😊 What do you think is the worst thing that can happen on Thanksgiving that will completely ruin it, TheTopTens?
The Top Ten
The turkey is dropped on the floor

Or maybe it explodes! - Phillip873

You have travelling issues

If you are just traveling this is a hassle. If you have seen the movie "Trains, Planes, and Automobiles", it's literally about this! - Phillip873

The house catches on fire

Only let the people in your family who can actually cook, cook! - Phillip873

The store runs out of turkey

RIP your Thanksgiving dinner! - Phillip873

You have to have a serving of one of your least favorite foods

I hate brussel sprouts!

Happens to me quite a bit on Thanksgiving - Phillip873

You get too full and throw up

My little cousin threw up on Thanksgiving 2014

Thankfully, hasn't happened to me yet - Phillip873

There is no gravy

Geez, that would suck for me and a lot of people - Phillip873

You have to eat at McDonalds

Not going to lie. I was REALLY picky as a kid. Back then, I was never into Thanksgiving food whenever my family took me to a friend's house, so I would have my dad take me to McDonald's every Thanksgiving dinner until I started to be less picky. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Scoff* I would rather go to waffle house and put on my music by listening to Elton John and enjoy my meal and myself in there - Kevinsidis

Lol, this would actually be a good idea - Neonco31

Some people do this! - Phillip873

You have to eat vegan

Turkey and ham are essential to Thanksgiving! - Phillip873

Someone plays football in the house, but then drops the football and causes the chef to trip, leading to all the food in the kitchen being ruined

I should watch Regular show again, I stopped like halfway. - Phillip873

Regular Show showed us this the hard way. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

The Contenders
The family discusses politics at the table

You know, the thing that splits even close relationships apart - Phillip873

Someone steals your Turkey

I'll just steal it (and all of their food) back!

You get stuffed instead of your turkey
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