Top Ten Things That Could Happen in 2019

A lot could happen in 2019, and this is a list of things that could happen. Even, if we don't want it.

The Top Ten

1 WW3

What makes you think a world war would happen this year? Please don't think that... - Misfire

I hope this never happens. - PokemonYesTeletubbiesNo

Please not! - Userguy44

2 More good people die

Every day someone dies

3 A new age world record

Someone past the age of 117/120 - AriFan101

4 PS5 released
5 Xbox 2 or Xbox 720 released
6 Xxxtencaion could possibly be revealed to be alive

There have rumors that X's death was faked - AriFan101

7 Bungie starts making halo games again
8 More good TopTenners retire

A lot of good users have taken a hiatus... I hope they'll come back... - Misfire

9 New gen-19/20 TopTenners

Duh! - Userguy44

It would be very unlikely that this would not happen.

10 Korea becomes whole again

That could happen especially after the April Summit last year.

The Contenders

11 New iPhone
12 Trump getting impeached
13 Fortnite gets outdated

Every game gets outdated at a point... - Userguy44

14 More mass shootings than 2018
15 6IX9INE gets released from prison

Why is this so important? - Userguy44

Well It can happen.

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