Top Ten Things That Could Happen in 2020

2020 is in the corner & based on what we read & understand, here are things that might happen. Might means there's no guarantee it'll happen, though some things on this list'll definitely happen.

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1 Donald Trump is Impeached

Almost nobody on the left seems to understand, even if someone is Impeached, it does not mean they are removed from office. Bill Clinton WAS Impeached, but was not removed by the Senate. Same will happen with Trump, he probably WILL be Impeached by the House, but the Senate absolutely will not vote to remove him from office. The whole thing is a waste of time and money.

President Donald Trump has been mentioned over the last 3+ years & ever since then, many people struggle & he's said nasty things & such nature all in all lead to many wanting to impeach him. Yet believe it or not, with all the demand circulating he might get impeached.

Great. Now every time there is a party majority in either house or senate, every opposite party president will be impeached. This will now be the new standard procedure.

No that is not what it means, it means that the party will be held accountable for their action, no one wants to impeach a President and to do so means that the President did something to deserve it - germshep24

You mean somebody does not realize bill clinton was impeached? Obviously somebody who thinks being impeached means being removed from office.

2 YouTube Gets Shut Down

Shouldn't happen, actually there might be a problematic implication that it will either be inundated with having to watch over ten ads before, during, and after each video just to freely watch, or turn the whole thing into a streaming service. NEITHER SHOULD HAPPEN REMEMBER WHEN YOUTUBE WAS MORE FREE

I Hope It Doesn't Though, If They Do They Better Replace It With Something Better That Still Has All The You-Tube Videos Ever Made

Not surprised. I heard YouTube's going to remove all the videos that aren't "commercially viable", so say goodbye to 99.9% of all YouTube videos.

That would suck if it shutdown then I wouldn't be able to see videos of parts I stuck at in games to help me know what to do

3 Teen Titans Go! Ends

It better happen honestly, this show has been running even longer than the original Teen Titans so I couldn't be more pleased when it's all over with.

What happens when the creators of Teen Titans Go! had plans to do create a new show after Teen Titans Go! ends

Good. It sucks, anyways.

Please let this happen.

4 Instagram Gets Shut Down

I'm kinda sad since there are these 2 really good artists on Instagram. But at least their art is on Pinterest...

Instagram has been around since 2010 & grew rapidly. It lets you share photos along with videos & post them. Selfies are a common thing there. Recently it outgrew Snapchat after the late 2017 downgrade SC had. Now recently they decided to hide likes from public users everywhere, turning users away from it, including iconic celebrities, therefore it seems with poor demand afterwards could get shut down. That means people would most likely use Flickr making it more popular than ever.

Never seen the appeal for Instagram, so I wouldn’t mind if it gets shut down.

Also not gonna happen..

Hiding like counts from the public is a step forward in that happening. Since liking helps engagements. - SamanthaRosie

5 Steven Universe Ends

Steven Universe already ended on January 21st 2020 with an epilogue series Steve Universe Future which continued until March 27th.

There’s Steven Universe Future coming out on December 7th, though...

It's been out for a while so it is possible.

It ended after 6 years 8 months & the epilogue added over 2 months, making 6 years 10 months. - SamanthaRosie

it did and I'm still sad :'(

It's over, isn't it?

6 Hulu Shutdown

No not the anime!

7 Fortnite Banned Worldwide

Ban Grand Theft Auto 5 first, then all Grand Theft Auto installments, then all shooting games, then ban this.

I hate how everyone calls these people soccer moms! What the heck is wrong with restricting your children from things they aren't even supposed to be on?! - TheAwesomeDude54

Who cares. It's basically a dead game now, I outgrew it in May or June and most people stopped playing it in summer.

Begone Fortnite and other Battle Royale/multiplayer games!

I mean, even though it's kinda dead, it can still happen because of it being violent.

"Being violent"

Mate, there are so many games that are way more violent and aren't banned. - AlphaQ

8 Alcohol is Made Illegal

Many more people in the US are killed by alcohol than are killed by guns, counting deaths by alcoholism and diseases caused by it, and deaths from drunk drivers. There is no good reason for it to be allowed, even though people would still drink it.

Everyone should be killed for doing this, oh no wait, there would only be kids left on the planet - TheAwesomeDude54

9 Avatar 2 Gets Delayed Again

It’s been more than 10 years since Avatar came out & we’re expecting a sequel in less than 2 years. It could get delayed again & we would have to wait longer. Definitely one of the most anticipated movies & sequels of all time.

10 The Ps5 Comes Out

Yes! Make it happen and for the next holiday season comes, following the Nintendo Switch in 2017

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11 Gabbie Hanna Quits YouTube

Gabbie Hanna has been on YouTube for over 5 years & is known for the Gabbie Show. Eventually she was exposed by Jessi Smiles & lost over 200,000 subscribers since the video. Yet given all the backlash & drama taking place, there's a chance she might quit YouTube soon.

12 Shane Dawson & Jeffree Star Lose Millions of Subscribers

I hate both of these slobs with a burning passion. They always come up in my recommended even though I have no interest in watching any of their videos.

Shane & Jeffree Star have been known for lately making series & 2 of them went perfectly though their latest went wrong, with the drama erased, & people waited a year for a series with drama & Shane decided to cancel the drama as he stated he changed & therefore cancelled 2 episodes of it. The series about Jeffree Star didn’t live up to hype & many fans are angry about it & some are even unsubscribing to his channel as well. They might lose subscribers faster & faster with time.

Shane Dawson is just okay but Jeffree Star is an eyebrowless little with godawful music and a cringey channel so he deserves it.

13 Spacex Launches Crew Dragon Capsule

SpaceX has been testing the Crew Dragon for months & it would mark the 1st time since July 11th, 2011 that Americans sent people into space. It would be a groundbreaking revolution to witness this happen if it’s successful.

14 Justin Bieber Quits Music

Bruh, Justin Bieber ain't even that popular anymore yet this site still has a massive hate fetish for him. Yet y'all wonder why I left this site.

Hey, SamanthaRosie,
Honestly, I at first thought that this item was a Justin Bieber joke, but, after reading your comment, I was not only glad that it wasn't the case but also can agree with you. I wouldn't be surprised if JB quits.

His songs have been trash this year so if he quits I won't really care. - AlphaQ

Imagine still thinking Justin Bieber is still relevant couldn’t be me

His new song, Yummy proves that he needs to stop making music.

15 Electro Swing Becomes Mainstream

Finally replaced teen pop, hip hop and indie pop music, that will be great

I sure hope so...

Roaring 20s
100 years later
Electro Swing

Oh yea yea

16 Eminem Releases a New Album

It is possible but in all honesty, I think he needs to retire soon. He's amazing and all but he's starting to slightly decrease in quality and his prime is coming to an end.

No offense, but I can care less about his newer songs. I think he has declined in the past decade or so. However, I still like his older songs from late 90s to mid 2000s.

Hopefully not. He is years past his prime.

Which do you think was his last good album? Personally, I thought Kamikaze was major improvement, especially when compared to the he other mumble rap garbage that was released at the same time - Joeljohns249

17 Tiktok Surpasses YouTube as the Most Popular Video-Sharing Website/App

No thanks, YouTube is still going better than this garbage website

Now TikTok discriminated disabled, fat & LGBT+ people. They're really going down despite the potential of growing so fast.

God no. TikTok is an awful site with some of the cringiest people around.

Guys, if this happens, should we raid Tiktok HQ? Like if so (by the way, this is just a joke, we're not actually gonna raid the HQ)

18 The Peace Sign Becomes Racist

Already happening


Only an SJW would think that

Oh hell no. This shouldn’t happen. What’s happening with racism these days?

19 Dailymotion Becomes the Next YouTube

Well seeing its one of the preferred go to alternatives, I would not be surprised to see their popularity rise.

I didn't see that one coming but years ago it was quite entertaining

It would actually be awful if that happens considering YouTube is irreplaceable & other sites attempting to replace it will never fully succeed. YouTube was made to be a 1 of a kind site that can’t be replaced.

Yeah that’s definitely possible with the way YouTube is heading right now

Nothing would truly replace YouTube. YouTube is irreplaceable. - SamanthaRosie

20 Ps4 Minecraft Getting Bedrock Edition

This happened on december 10 2019, so this happened before 2020

Use the Playstation 3 version.

It happened


21 Baby Shark Banned Worldwide

If this means the Just dance routine is removed from all copies of Just Dance and the Wii version gets banned and The Angry Birds Movie 2 getting recalled, removing the Baby Shark scene and the part in the credits where it shows pictures of characters doing the Baby Shark dance.

Baby Shark is a atheist of music and if we think so, we should remove the Baby Shark out of the topics in culture in general

I can care less, to be honest. I find Baby Shark very stupid, to be honest.

I can care less as well but because I don't care what the haters do - TheAwesomeDude54

Who even is Baby Shark?

22 Submarine Man Becomes the Highest Selling Artist of All Time

Sub Man is a very talented and elite music artist. He deserves to become the highest selling artist of all time. The Beatles, Queen, Metallica, Pink Floyd, and Guns N Roses are crap compared to him.

Yes, this should happen. Submarine Man is a GOAT tier artist. He deserves more fame and he puts every other rapper to shame.

How is a 5K subscriber user gonna become the most famous artist of all time? If it would really happen, it would take many years. Also, he's extremely irrelevant, at this point.

You guys still care about some irrelevant Roblox squeaker with barely 1000 fans and even then all were because of memes.

23 The Emoji Movie Gets a Sequel

Oh heck no. I really don't want the worst movie ever to have a dumb and retarded squeal.

Make one and don't make the same mistakes Wreck it Ralph 2 have made including the main villian and final boss battle, ending, story, songs, pop culture references mainly including a bunch of Fortnite bs, so much more product placement and more.

Yes it deserves a sequel

I couldn't agree more, I would love to have the bleach sales go up again. - AlphaQ

Then Sony will probably screw that up BIG TIME.

24 Twitter Shutdown

Twitter shouldn't shut down. Instead, they should have a less biased staff that hasn't had some members like Jack Dorsey embroiled in conspiracies involving pizzas or otherwise. And they need to keep lawful conservative opinions there, instead of shadowbanning accounts.

I can care less about Twitter.

With all the political issues going on it’s hard to see how they could keep up with the chaos & also it’s not nearly as popular as some of the other platforms. After all Twitter is obscured by other apps like Snapchat (with 750M monthly active users in its history), Instagram has 1B monthly active users, TikTok grew 1.58B monthly active users in the last 2 years, YouTube has nearly 2B monthly active users in its history & Facebook has 2.47B monthly active users, all compared to the 336M+ monthly active users Twitter has, therefore Twitter isn't growing very fast & might not make it to such a milestone.

25 Voting Age Lowered to 16

Hopefully something like that happens, really.

It's best if it doesn't happen.


Yeet but no yeet

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