Top 10 Things That Could Happen If Jolteon Was the Face of Pokemon

You know Pikachu, I know it too, the face of Pokémon, an adorable mouselike pokemon
What about Jolteon? It's not fat, but it's cooler, stronger, faster, and bigger than Pikachu. and I hate cute & adorable things
SO, what will happen if Jolteon is the face of Pokemon

The Top Ten

1 Ash got Eevee instead of pikachu

Vaporeon is best of ALL of Eevee evolutions! In my opinion though - P-51IsDaBest

I think is much stronger then jolteon, and I like the fact pikachu is the star, and I want pikachu to stay as the star, - Nateawesomeness

I'm sorry but if Pikachu actually beat Jolteon in a fight, I'd probably pass out due to shock, because Pikachu isn't that good of a Pokemon. It actually kind of sucks - Haqulea

Haquela,in episode 40,the battling Eevee brothers,jolteon was defeated by team rocket,pikachu has blasted them off almost every episode - Nateawesomeness

2 Ash wouldn't be hated by Pikachu in the first place

I literally disagree with all these items. But it's your opinion. - nintendofan126

To be fair,every other episode,pikachu and ash are best friends - Nateawesomeness

3 Jolteon would be less dependable than Pikachu
4 Jolteon might have not been in the hospital

Pikac beat Raichu afterwards,something jolteon probably won't do - Nateawesomeness

5 Jolteon would have beaten Brock's Onyx faster V 1 Comment
6 Jolteon would have rarely lost V 1 Comment
7 Ash can throw Frisbee to Jolteon (since Pikachu is too small)
8 Jolteon might have beaten Team Rocket single-handedly

Nope,jolteon doesn't have scratch while pikachu has iron tail - Nateawesomeness

9 Ash's Jolteon would have won against Raichu V 1 Comment
10 Jolteon might have beaten Sabrina's Kadabra easily

Nope,jolteon will wind up like pikachu,making haunter the actual case of the win - Nateawesomeness

V 1 Comment
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