Top 10 Things that Could Happen to Justin Bieber in the 2020s

Since there are lots of lists about Justin Bieber I though of making one .Everybody does .If you like it then I am very happy and if you don't like it sorry for wasting your time .

The Top Ten Things that Could Happen to Justin Bieber in the 2020s

1 He is in jail

Its not even funny - Righteous

2 He is in some other planet living with aliens

They will kill him because of his awful music. - Userguy44

3 He is being used as a punching bag
4 He is public enemy no. 1

But isn’t he already this? - KingSlayer93316

5 People make war against him
6 He is working as a right-hand man for Donald Trump
7 He is living in the Amazon rainforest
8 He is running from police
9 He is living in sewers
10 He has retired

The Contenders

11 He will date Meghan Trainor
12 He joins the 27 Club

Yeah right! Like that's going to happen!

13 He is being used as a drumstick
14 He is killed by someone

I can see this happening if Bieber does something stupid - KingSlayer93316

15 He gets beat up
16 He gets killed
17 He joins at anti LGBT group
18 He retires
19 He has sex with Amy Schumer
20 Gets covid-19
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