Best Things That Could Happen to You at Middle School

The Top Ten Best Things That Could Happen to You at Middle School

1 You get to sit next to your crush

This list applies to ALL SCHOOLS, not just middle school.

I feel weird sitting next to my crush

This is worst not best.

Wait, good things happen to you at middle school?

2 The teacher you really, truly hate gets fired

I wish that would happen with some of my school's teachers yet sadly it hasn't happened.

This was me with Mr OToole but now I miss him

If that happens,my friends would be so happy. One day,Ms.McCollam just wait and you'll get fired. Just retire already. She's too old for teaching,she's like 70. - LittleLovelies

Kid 1: Did you hear that Mrs. Birchwood is getting fired?
Kid 2: Really? Now I won't have to see her ugly face again!
Kid 3: PARTY!
*all the school kids have a huge party because their teacher got fired* - RiverClanRocks

3 Early dismissal everyday

Yay, less school!

4 The school bullies get expelled

That Would Be Great News

(gets bullied) (teacher dosen't care at all for any bullies)
(so you fight back) (you get expelled) - lolingdog9000

5 You become really popular

I would HATE this. I have a small group of close friends, and I intend for it to remain that way. - Cyri

I'm a type of popular. I'm just liked by people because I'm kind and loyal. I don't consider myself popular because that's not important. - LittleLovelies

If I did, I would be a good popular girl. Not like those snotty rich populars who think they can wear tons of expensive brand make up 24/7 with expensive designer brands and call the unpopular girls names and humiliate them In front of the whole school - MLPFan

I'm popular with my squad

6 No more homework
7 Shorter classes

My classes are 41 minutes, that's random isn't it!

8 Bitchy mean girls go away

Wait, but, where would they go to? - Catacorn

9 Big Time Rush visits your school and sings

No, what about Halsey!

Whoever created this list was clearly a TROLL.

I’d prefer Dream Theater but whatever

10 No test or quiz ever

The Contenders

11 Revenge on the people you really hate

Revenge leaves you nothing but blood on your claws. I have typed that three times now. I should really add something unique to each one. - Cyri

I will get revenge on Britney and Karina. If only they got moved to a different class. - LittleLovelies

I would love to see the 99.9% of jerky boys in my grade listen to themselves and rethink.

12 You get a hot girlfriend
13 Fights every hour

Fights are horrible.

14 You get to watch cartoons

I watched Disney’s Hercules in 7th grade. It was awesome!

15 A metal radio station is played on the bus
16 Pajama day every friday
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