Best Things That Could Happen to You at Middle School


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1 You get to sit next to your crush

To be honest, sitting next to your crush can be awkward.

Eh, I'm asexual. Plus, I'm not necessarily a chick magnet. - MrQuaz680

I wish. I've only sat by him once and that was when I was sitting by my best friend. - LittleLovelies

Wait, good things happen to you at middle school? - lovefrombadlands

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2 The teacher you really, truly hate gets fired

I wish that would happen with some of my school's teachers yet sadly it hasn't happened.

If that happens,my friends would be so happy. One day,Ms.McCollam just wait and you'll get fired. Just retire already. She's too old for teaching,she's like 70. - LittleLovelies

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3 Early dismissal everyday
4 You become really popular

I'm a type of popular. I'm just liked by people because I'm kind and loyal. I don't consider myself popular because that's not important. - LittleLovelies

If I did, I would be a good popular girl. Not like those snotty rich populars who think they can wear tons of expensive brand make up 24/7 with expensive designer brands and call the unpopular girls names and humiliate them In front of the whole school - MLPFan

I'm popular with my squad

For some damn reason, people just don’t like me, like today we were having a clock buddies thing, and everyone was picking a kid with slurred speech over me! I mean really it’s unreliable.

5 The school bullies get expelled

(gets bullied) (teacher dosen't care at all for any bullies)
(so you fight back) (you get expelled) - lolingdog9000

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6 Shorter classes

My classes are 41 minutes, that's random isn't it! - lovefrombadlands

I have to stay in class for about 1 hour. - Catacorn

7 No more homework
8 Bitchy mean girls go away

Yay! All those drama causing girls go away. - Catacorn

9 No test or quiz ever
10 Revenge on the people you really hate

I will get revenge on Britney and Karina. If only they got moved to a different class. - LittleLovelies

I would love to see the 99.9% of jerky boys in my grade listen to themselves and rethink.

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11 Big Time Rush visits your school and sings

Whoever created this list was clearly a TROLL.

No, what about Halsey! - lovefrombadlands

I’d prefer Dream Theater but whatever

12 You get a hot girlfriend
13 Fights every hour
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