Top Ten Things that Could Make 2019 a Good Year

2018 was an awful year in my opinion so these are things that could make 2019 better.

The Top Ten

1 Fewer Shootings

I hope so. No shootings at all would be better, but I doubt that happening.

THIS certainly hasn't improved!

2 Finding Cures for More Diseases

The cure for cancer

Yeah especially deadly ones like cancer



3 Less Cyber-Bullying

Cyberbullying isn't a big deal. It's still bad but physical and verbal bullying is much worse

Not even a big deal as it's just mean words on a screen

That would be fab.

It’s not real (sarcasm)

4 Ending Terrorism

Although ISIS is way weaker we need to completely end terrorists altogether

Yes please.

5 Less Stigmatization Of Mental Illnesses
6 Ending Conflicts with North Korea

Well tensions have died down significantly. Thanks to our great president Donald Trump.

Well it has died down a little bit so am I allowed to give trump the credit for that or is that bad?

7 Ending the MeToo Movement

I'm tired of all the false accusations on the news. This is not gonna stop perverts for crying out loud. This movement needs to end permanently.

They’re not all false

This has done nothing good. All it’s Acomplished is falsely accusing people and making the actual true cases harder to believe.

8 Fewer Stupid Trends

Like Fortnite and other stupid games.

The Tide Pod Challenge is far worse than Fortnite.

*Cough* Fortnite *Cough*

yes please

9 More Respecting of Opinions
10 Smarter Politics

The Contenders

11 The End of SJWs

We’re not going anywhere

Yes. They’re very annoying and can't accept anything without getting offended by something insignificant like the hand in Super Mario maker, the Lyrics To Baby it’s cold outside, Super Mario Odyssey because Mario has a Mexican outfit, and now the 3 point symbol in basketball 👌🏻

12 New Music

I have some faith because of a certain album I rave too much about.

Lets hope for good music.

I don't think modern music will never get good, well, except for electronic music, that's pretty good.

This is really an opinionated thing

13 Having a Better YouTube Rewind

No, no matter how good the year gets, YT rewind's always gonna find the worst of it and cover itself with those.

It's just a crappy 8 minute video of Youtube. Why do people act like this is the most important thing. - B1ueNew

I saw it and it sucks!

Yes! They better.

14 Less Sexism
15 Cardi B Dies

I don't think she should die, just have her mouth taped shut.

I know who added this. I think we all know.

I don't like Cardi B, but this title is very disgusting!

I wonder who added this

16 Gravity Falls Returns For a Season 3

This won't happen the show is over, just something ya gotta accept m8.

17 New Cartoons

CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR. Lots of cartoons came out last year and they were horrible.

Well, Wizards is coming next year

18 Better Celebrities

I don't get why people idolize celebrities like that. It's like they are not happy with what they have and want to be more like those celebrities. It's just pathetic.

Maybe I can be a good singer. Right? (Not really)

19 Rock Music Returns to the Mainstream

Now this should happen. Rock music is life!

We need Greta van fleet to have a better singer first.

20 Jake and Logan Paul Loose Subscribers

That would be great.

Or their channels get deleted. Or hacked, that would work too.

21 Less Racism
22 Less Homophobia

The only reason people fight this is because the LQBTQ+ community thinks they are special, when they are the same as all of us. It annoys me.

Oh yes, please! We shall achieve glorious victory again of this year against the tyrannical bigots. It's been more than 50 years that we are still fighting on high ground and chariots to still have acceptance of the LGBT community.

23 A revival of Y2K aesthetic
24 Cardi B Retires

I never listen to her music, but it wouldn't mind me because I'm not a fan of her.

Yes please

25 Earth-chan Memes Rise In Popularity Again

Hell no to the no no no, hell to the no.

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