Top 10 Things that Could Make TheTopTens Great Again

What has happened lately in TheTopTens? Well, things are getting a lot more boring and stale. Here are some things which could make it better. (Sorry for the Trump slogan, it was unavoidable)

The Top Ten

1 The policy dying

I don't have any problem with the policy but some of the rules don't make sense. Especially the three list per day rule. It doesn't make any difference for me. Takes almost same time as before. - zxm

Eh. I'd say improving the policy is a better term. - ProPanda

Think about it: Gen 16 was the first post-policy gen, and while it was a good gen, it was worse that 15. Gen 17 is worse than 16. All of this happened alfter the policy. - Martinglez

2 Better users joining

Gen 17 is kinda bad in general. Some good users, but none that I would call great or amazing like Puga, Therandom or Pos. We need better users. - Martinglez

You can't control who joins this site. Whoever joins the site is the person we will have to deal with. - NikoX

3 Less interest in popularity and more interest in making good posts/lists

Lately most lists and posts are made for the sake of being popular. - Martinglez

Problem is: A lot of decent Lists have already been made. - PeachyBlast

4 Quality over quantity

Better stuff > more stuff - Martinglez

5 Good older users getting interested in the site again

Hard, since things would Need to improve so these get interested - Martinglez

6 More maturity

Pre-policy users were more Mature than newer ones in general. - Martinglez

7 Funnier new users

I'm here. - AlphaQ

8 People caring about improving the site
9 People not using caps for every single word they type

This Gives Me Headaches. - MrCoolC

Oh My Goodness This Is So Anoying Ahh Why U Do Dis. See what o did there? - AlphaQ

10 Some gen 17 users improving

The Contenders

11 More interesting comments

Such as this? - MrCoolC

12 Learn from user veterans
13 Not allowing lists that are too similar
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