Things That Could Ruin Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer

Modern Warfare has ascended to the throne of the ultimate online first person shooter out there (No offense to Halo, Battlefield, Gears, etc, fans but the numbers don't lie). But that doesn't mean Infinity Ward has too big a title on their hands to screw the whole thing up. After all, it wasn't too long ago that Call of Duty was almost entirely a PC game with little traction in the console market. Leaders can definitely fail as was the case of the Burnout series that was on top of the world prior to self destructing in the form of titles like Burnout: Revenge and Burnout: Paradise where they completely lost touch with what made their games great in the first place and drove a fantastic series into the ground.

Hopefully the folks behind Modern Warfare 3 will have more foresight than to do too much screwing with a good thing. Here is a list of things they should avoid including in the MW3 multiplayer if they want to ensure Modern Warfare's supremacy in the online FPS arena.

The Top Ten Things That Could Ruin Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer

1 Camper-friendly Maps

It's out and over run by campers so iv had to sell the pile of crap until iw do somthing about campers I will no longer buy any Call of Duty games

2 Overpowerd Guns
3 Second Chance / Last Stand

How can you shoot someone in the head and then he falls and shoot back at you. That is not only unreal but stupid at it.

4 Hacking

At the end of the day, no matter how good of a game experience you have created, it is all for nothing if you let hackers run rampant. Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2 verge on the edge of being unplayable at times because of the number of hackers shooting you through the floor, falsely running up killstreaks, hiding in crates, etc. The only reason so many people are still playing Call of Duty (non-hackers that is), is because there are no other quality titles to fall back on. But if Battlefield even lives up to half of the hype and if Infinity Ward doesn't do a better job of locking down their game, people are going to defect in droves as soon as the multicolored gamer usernames start filling the screen.

It's a video game for the love of god if someone wants to have a little fun let them. Maybe just add some hacker only lobbies.

I'm sick of people using aimbot, and other hacks in general, things like that make me wish I hadnt of started playing Call of Duty mw3

5 Deathstreaks

Why is "Nuke" and "No Quickscoping" on the list? Quickscoping is annoying, makes the game lose what little amount of realism it has and it's for immature little kids. Nukes are fun and a challenge. There should be nukes at 25 kill streak but AIR support shouldn't help in getting those kills, you have to get them all by yourself with your gun and knife.

6 Nuke
7 Ground Vehicles
8 Noobtubing

I hate god damn noob tubing! Its for noobs that have no skill at all in the game. - gamer123

9 Quickscoping

In what is otherwise a realistic looking and feeling game, quickscoping removes the element of believability. Please, Infinity Ward, don't forget what got you to the top in the first place and don't cheapen your games with gimmicky quirks. If people want an arcade shooter, let them go play Halo. It's not worth trying to appeal to everyone.

Quickscoping is so annoying. You just keep getting killed and killed. It's so damn overpowering! Its so stupid I think infinity ward should delete the b50cal and the intervention sniper rifles. Ugh don't even get me started on trickshots and noscopes.

10 1 Overpowerd Perk In Every Slot

Big problem in black ops - proxYgen

The Contenders

11 Spawn System

Get killed, then try to shoot down something or go somewhere else, or try to get revenge. Get killed by the same guy 5 seconds later.

Or, kill someone, they spawn & kill you 5 seconds later.

There is ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE for you to spawn in the midst of 3 enemys and have this be called a good game, this S#&$ always ruins my week when I get about.04K/D 2 games in a row because of this.

12 Overpowerd Air-support

Big problem in MW2 - proxYgen

13 No Quickscoping

I'm pretty sure its confirmed that there will be quickscoping though - proxYgen

14 Trickshots
15 Not Much Strike Package
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