Top Ten Things That Create a Civilization

People have been using these techniques for 6,000 years.

The Top Ten

1 Laws

Every society has its own set of laws. However, there's some common laws found in most societies, such as "don't murder" or "don't steal". Laws establish order and prevent total anarchy. - ethanmeinster

Without laws society collapses.

Laws are good

So people can't kill or do thing bad

2 Advanced Agricultural Techniques

People can't survive without food. Once there's enough food for everyone, then no one has to worry about survival as much, causing people to specialize in other jobs. - ethanmeinster



That's right

3 Government

The government produces the laws, and determines how daily life will go.

every civilizatin need a government to run the place.

4 Army

An army is one of the most vital ways to keep order within a civilization.

Although some civilizations were peaceful, like the Indus Valley Civilization, an army is necessary for defending from attacks, establishing order, and earning loot. - ethanmeinster

an army!

5 Trade

Trade benefits everyone, as people would get the necessary materials that they don't have. Many civilizations, such as China, have become rich from high demand of products, such as silk. - ethanmeinster

My name is jeff

6 Life
7 Education

Without education, people will have less knowledge and it turns out... addiction, alcoholism,etc!

Yea... then there would be a lot of uneducated people, and that leads to a bad future for them.

I belive

Yes absolutely or else thell or well be stupid

8 Social Hierarchy

It helps create a defined society. Social classes can't be too strict, though, like the Indian caste system. - ethanmeinster

Without hierarchy,people will be fighting for goats


9 Culture

Culture very important to creat evolution

10 Written Language

Modern day historians often point out that a civilization has to have a written language to be considered civilized. However, the Incas had no written language, but they are considered very civilized. Nontheless, a written language helps people of a civilization communicate with each other. - ethanmeinster

The Contenders

11 Religion

Most civilizations in history have used religion as a form of political control, including all of Western Europe in the Middle Ages. Nowadays, however, humans have developed secular governments, dividing religion from politics. Most countries around the world have secular governments, but some still have official religions. - ethanmeinster

12 People

Because what is a civilization without people

Without people, u cannot do anything!

13 Technology and Science

These are the bases of prosperity. Those who have the power of knowledge have the power of creation

14 Shelter

That's so OBVIOUS! or else everyone would sleep on the road and have a party every dayHAHAAHAH VOTEEE FORRR ME AND I WILL GIVE U A SUPRISE LIKE SERIOUSLY!

15 Banks

To get money and to to withdraw money obviously some countries would not have atm like us because people aren't as lucky

16 Food and Water

Food and Water will be important for life whether its animals or humans were talking about.

17 Literature

I like turtles and trains

18 Jobs
19 Superstition
20 Fertile Land

They will need fertile land to grow there food so it might be near a water source where it can depend on or just a fertile place

21 Agriculture

how can u have horrible land in a civilization

22 Hospitals
23 Beliefs
24 Insurance
25 Art

Every civilization has art ;that was create by ancients

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