Things that a Creepypasta Does to You

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You Can't Sleep

I couldn't go to sleep for days - MichiruAkiyama

Not Want to Be Alone

After reading a Creepypasta I never want to be alone. I always want to be with someone! - MichiruAkiyama

Makes You Want to Join Creepypasta

I know I've wanted to join for some reason ever since I found out about them (NOT JOKING) - MichiruAkiyama

Fear that They're Real

Now some may fear that Creepypasta is real and some may WANT it to be real. For me their are some I want to be real and some I hope aren't real - MichiruAkiyama


I have nightmares either way - MichiruAkiyama

Afraid of the Dark

It's not being AFRAID of the the dark it's more like your afraid of want to darkness holds... - MichiruAkiyama

Loss of Bravery

Being brave doesn't mean your cool or your going to stay brave. At some point your going to lose some bravery and Creepypasta is one of the things that can make that happen - MichiruAkiyama


Creepypasta can't make you just kill yourself. But it triggers something in your brain that makes you want to die to get away from the fear. Everyone has fear and sometimes it gets to out of hand that you just can't help it... - MichiruAkiyama

Turn on All the Lights

After reading a Creepypasta your usually gonna turn on all the lights. That's because when you read the story it triggers the fear from in your brain and because you become scared you want to stay safe even though you know nothing is going to hurt you, you still do it out of fear which you can't stop - MichiruAkiyama

Ruining Your Childhood
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