Top 10 Things Creepypastas Cause

Creepypastas have caused people to a lot of things. It can be bad, painful, or scary.

The Top Ten Things Creepypastas Cause

1 Can't sleep

This is the most common thing creepypastas can do to you. I saw Jeff the Killer's face in a pewdiepie video, now it takes me a really long time to fall asleep because I think Jeff the Killer is there.

For some reason, I never have Nightmares, So I don't worry about that, but! I'm always scared to sleep after reading or watching a creepypasta, Night lights don't help me either...

This one is also causes you to have a bad night. If you read a creepypasta, You will have the ability to not sleep at all because your too afraid to close your eyes.

Jeez you know, I always think there is something out there ya know? I'm your closet, or out by your bedroom door...

2 Never looking out a window at night

I'd say the biggest boogie man of them all for me is Slenderman. I'm not sure why. But ever since hearing about him, I've had trouble going near windows at night. Sometimes I go into the kitchen at night and the little shutter shade thing is pulled up and I get major anxiety about going near it and just decide against going into the kitchen. It's gotten really bad, and even though I know he couldn't possibly be out there, I still feel fearful.

Eyeless Jack is there and he's watching you.

I actually look out there, expecting them to be there. - roseybloody

Well I kinda can't my window are covered...

3 Fear that the creepypasta is real

So is the Lavender town urban legend real?! Good thing I never played the game where it's from. I don't even like Pokemon. I was just browsing In the Internet randomly and found an article that says that many children killed themselves after playing the game with the Lavender town level with headphones. But I'm sure It's fake, even though I heard some people saying It's real... - MLPFan

You know that non of them are real but there's that little voice saying "but it might be".

Never read a creepy pasta but seems pretty creepy

They ARE real, just wow.

4 Thinking Something's In The Dark

Yeah sometimes

HELP there is some thing or someone out there I'm only 10 years old help me never read a creppy pasta wiki at night!

Do I Really Have To Explane?


5 Nightmares

Oh my gosh I have night mares just to think about them I was reading a wiki and now the dark is meet HELP!

This is the number 1 thing Creepypastas cause. If you read a creepypasta You will get nightmares causing you to have a bad night.

6 Fear of video games

God! My friend read 2 creepypastas about video games (Super Mario 64: Damned and NES Godzilla). Now, when I ask him to go play Borderlands 2 with me, he acts like he saw the Exorcist Girl coming closer to him!

Inb4 lavender town - TeamRocket747

Only if you watch sonic.exe

7 Mental Issues - Courtesy of The Slenderman Pasta

I do not blame any Creepypasta websites, However I do feel that what happened today -3/6/14- was unnecessary and extremely stressful for all families surrounding the three girls. Please pray for the victim and hope that she can receive all the medical attention necessary.

Since I read my first one, I have noticed that I have been acting very weird lately. I have that constant feeling of being watched and that I am not alone in my house, even though there can't be another man in my house without me knowing. But a little voice deep inside keeps on saying "what if it isn't human? "

My sympathies to that poor girl who got stabbed

They are real we are real take a trip and visit realitys dirty little secrets.

8 Phobia to Darkness

Well I am scare of the darkness, and every time its time to spell I start to get scare sometimes I feel like someone is watching me at night and that makes me more scared and even when I go to parties with my mom I still feel like something or someone is watching me, every step I take like right now...

Every time I read (or listen to) creepypastas, I start with my lights off, until I give up and turn a lamp... And don't turn it off till the next morning.

I was just watching a few videos, then came across a PewDiePie video about Sonic. Exe, watched him fail and saw the game over screen, which terrified me to see Knuckles, Tails, and Dr. Eggman all dead and to see a jumpscare screen of him tipping his head which made it creepy, now I hate going into the dark.

I read ONE CreepyPasta. I used to love the dark. I can't believe the drastic change of my phobias after I read it.

9 Insanity

I get out of control sometimes like I feel to kill somebody but I get over it so I do feel weird every time I think of any character from creepypasta it makes me go insanly crazy so that's what I say about this

I have read a lot of Creepy pasta(Slender man, Laughing Jack, and Rainbow Factory are my favorites) and I've noticed that the more I read, the less scared of them I become. Instead, I start to wish that they were real and that I could go out and kill with them. I'm not worried at all!

You may realize just what you are starting to obsess over (as in you start getting into CPs a lot and whether they scare you or not: ) you will likely realize that you are getting into some pretty dark crap and know just how low your life is. This one works especially for those who have low self esteem. Like me

This is my problem I'm not a fan girl but I'm obsessed with CreepyPastas and I'm going insane I'm not scared of any CreepyPasta whatsoever

10 Suicide

Creepypastas CANNOT give you the "ability" to kill yourself. being able to kill yourself isn't a special power. anyone can do it. creepypastas may however trigger something so bad you would want to kill yourself to get away from the fear.

This one is pretty rare but its still a thing that has been caused by creepypastas. If you read a certin creepypasta, You will have the ability to kill yourself. So be careful what you read because some could have it.

The Contenders

11 Extreme fear

You will jump if you hear something

I know what you mean I jump to every thing now! ¡!

No not rlly

12 Desire to be/in a creepypasta?

This is another thing that creepyPastas have caused me, besides insanity I have always been known for anger issued and have always been hurting people out of rage before I read any creepy pasta ( NO JOKE! )

Ever since I read my first Creepypasta I've been hoping they were real so I could join! (NO JOKE)

Wanna be there best bros

I've always wanted to be a creepypasta

13 Lose the internet

Like Fighting and Suicide, This one is rare. If you read a creepypasta, You will never go on the internet ever again or that website ever again because your too scared to use it.

14 Can't go to places

It only works if you read a creepypasta about a place. For an example, If you read Abandoned by disney, It gives you the ability to never go to disneyland ever again. You can't go anywhere if you read a creepypasta.

15 Lose braveness

Only works on a very scary creepypasta, if you read it, You will be scared and will lose the ability to be brave.

I hate being week now

16 Hiding under beds
17 Turning on all the lights in the house

Since I read a creepy pasta about ghosts I'm scared or turning on the lights or I turn on the lights from all over the house

I hate the lights being off!

Yes I agree because every time I get up to go to the bathroom and everyones sleeping I just turn it on and even leave it on and just go back to my room

18 Fighting

If you read a creepypasta, You might have a chance to puch and kick someone because of the creepypasat that you just readed


19 Childhood Ruining

HELP I'm only ten years old please help me!

I read a creepypasta bout Chucke Cheese Mouse stalking people,I always used to go there,CHILDHOOD RUINED,NO EARLY CHILDHOOD RUINED,i'm STILL IN MY CHILDHOOD

YUP! BEN Sonic.exe and fnaf did that

20 Loss of TV

If you're a kid, and you can't tell your parents... Then you might never be allowed to watch a scary show again. (I. E Haunting Hour)

21 Poop on the Floor


So true

22 Feel like you're being watched

Dude I have had that since I was 10 and I didn't even know what those were

I can relate to that.. I always feel like I'm being watched even before reading spooky noodles

23 Heart attack
24 Never looking behind you at night


yup true

25 Confusion

Not knowing they are real or you sit there like "there fake or are they have to uhh I don't know any more"...I love creepy pasta though!

26 Hugging dolls

I have a lot of stuffed animals meet me at all times when I hear a noise I hug them!

Why would I have a doll?!

If its a non- doll related creepypatsa, You will have to hug and hold a doll even though your mature.

27 Wanting your Family

IF you read a creepypasta, You would yell your family out ( Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, etc) Well that's it. I hope you like it. ANd if you want to find a cure, Go on my other list called topp 10 things to do when you see something scary ok? SO bye and good luck.

28 Extreme paranoia

I cannot even sleep without checking my room. I cannot stand dolls, mirrors, windows, sounds, silence, certain words or phrases, certain colors, certain music, night, day, dark, video games, PlayStation, celverbot, and even my old clothes because of reading so many creepypastas. Jeff the Killer is my favorite and now every time my mom says Go to Sleep I check my room amd hide under the covers!


29 that feeling to keep a flashlight next to you at ALL TIMES
30 Murder

Extremely rare but creepypasta can scare you into thinking someone is one and therefore you kill them to be sure

31 Sitting In a Corner

After reading a creepypasta I seem to panic about not seeing behind me. Therefore I sit in a corner.

32 Fear of woods

I am not really scared of the woods. After I read slendermans story, I just started to talk and sing as loud as I can while in the woods. I'm usally on my four-wheeler. I'm NOT SCARED OF CREEPASTA. I LOVE DEM. DAY AWESAME.

33 Awareness

Personally I have always found that a lot of creepypasta stories are very sad and tragic, but also very honest. People have bad things happen to them, and some really are driven to the breaking point. I can empathise with the characters in some of the stories and I think that although creepypasta might sometimes be frightening and disturbing, they can make you think about people and situations differently too, if you allow yourself to.

34 Hiding

I fiND that reading creepypasta makes me paranoid and scared and gives me an extreme urge to just hide usually under my blankets it makes me feel that if I even I attempt to come out from my blanket something will hurt or kill me

35 Never wanting to be alone or in the dark

I feel that since I read my first Creepypasta I've been scarier to be alone or alone in the dark!

36 Phobia of basements or lower rooms

I have the biggest phobia of basements and when I'm down stairs I always swear something being me

I read a creepypasta about a room below the Chuck E. Cheese resturaunt and arcade and in that room was a giant bloody monster feasting on 2 now I’m scared of the basement!

37 Having to not go to the toilet without someone in the dark
38 A constant feeling of unease

Sometimes after I read a particularly scary story I'll constantly feel like I'm being watched or feeling uneasy, but thankfully these are short; a week at most.

39 Stabbings

Slenderman enough said. - Ilovestephanie

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