Top 10 Things Creepypastas Cause

Creepypastas have caused people to a lot of things. It can be bad, painful, or scary.

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21 Never looking behind you at night
22 Poop on the Floor

So true

23 Hugging dolls

I have a lot of stuffed animals meet me at all times when I hear a noise I hug them!

If its a non- doll related creepypatsa, You will have to hug and hold a doll even though your mature.

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24 Wanting your Family

IF you read a creepypasta, You would yell your family out ( Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, etc) Well that's it. I hope you like it. ANd if you want to find a cure, Go on my other list called topp 10 things to do when you see something scary ok? SO bye and good luck.

25 Extreme paranoia

I cannot even sleep without checking my room. I cannot stand dolls, mirrors, windows, sounds, silence, certain words or phrases, certain colors, certain music, night, day, dark, video games, PlayStation, celverbot, and even my old clothes because of reading so many creepypastas. Jeff the Killer is my favorite and now every time my mom says Go to Sleep I check my room amd hide under the covers!

26 that feeling to keep a flashlight next to you at ALL TIMES
27 Murder

Extremely rare but creepypasta can scare you into thinking someone is one and therefore you kill them to be sure

28 Sitting In a Corner

After reading a creepypasta I seem to panic about not seeing behind me. Therefore I sit in a corner.

29 Heart attack
30 Fear of woods

I am not really scared of the woods. After I read slendermans story, I just started to talk and sing as loud as I can while in the woods. I'm usally on my four-wheeler. I'm NOT SCARED OF CREEPASTA. I LOVE DEM. DAY AWESAME.

31 Awareness

Personally I have always found that a lot of creepypasta stories are very sad and tragic, but also very honest. People have bad things happen to them, and some really are driven to the breaking point. I can empathise with the characters in some of the stories and I think that although creepypasta might sometimes be frightening and disturbing, they can make you think about people and situations differently too, if you allow yourself to.

32 Hiding

I fiND that reading creepypasta makes me paranoid and scared and gives me an extreme urge to just hide usually under my blankets it makes me feel that if I even I attempt to come out from my blanket something will hurt or kill me

33 Never wanting to be alone or in the dark

I feel that since I read my first Creepypasta I've been scarier to be alone or alone in the dark!

34 Phobia of basements or lower rooms

I read a creepypasta about a room below the Chuck E. Cheese resturaunt and arcade and in that room was a giant bloody monster feasting on 2 now I’m scared of the basement!

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