Top 10 Things to Cut with a Glowing 1000 Degree Knife


The Top Ten

1 A Cars Movie DVD

Nobody cares if VGF5 goes mad

Oh when VGF5 sees this being number 1 he's going to be mad - christangrant

2 A Zootopia DVD

Troll, please just give up already on your cars hatred, in fact I don't even like cars 3 that much, and you only like zootopia because I don't, despite most of the site likes it, I'm just saying there's better things to do with your life than vote on just one site everyday to piss me off - VideoGamefant

If you don't like these lists VGF5, then STOP GOING ON THEM - DCfnaf

This is hilarious. Whoever added this item must hate "Zootopiafan" - CheesyNachos

First time I've ever seen VGF5 be like Disney1994. - TeamRocket747

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3 Your Homework
4 A Packet of Crayons
5 A Blood on the Dance Floor Album
6 A Cell Phone
7 A Frozen DVD

Oh the Irony - christangrant

8 A CD for Watch Me by Silento
9 A Rae Sremmurd Album
10 A Cup of Soda

The Contenders

11 A Picture of Silento
12 Another Knife

A 1000º knife vs 1000 1º degree knife

13 A Nicki Minaj Album
14 A Copy of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
15 A Soccer Ball
16 A Zootopia Blu-Ray


17 A Lock
18 A Brokencyde Album
19 A Grenade
20 A Tree Branch
21 A Copy of Call of Duty Black Ops III
22 A One Direction CD
23 A Computer
24 A Justin Bieber Album
25 A Frozen Movie Soundtrack
26 A Sakura Haruno figurine
27 A Soap
28 A Fidget Spinner
29 Dora the Explorer
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