Top Ten Things Daisy Needs Right Now


The Top Ten

1 Love

Unlike Waluigi

2 A hug

To vanish forever

3 A game

Where she throws Waluigi in the trash

She's in Super Mario run now. - hunnyqueen09

Where she gets killed and replaced by a better female character

Where she gets thrown in the trash

4 Luigi
5 A better fanbase
6 A better castle
7 Casual clothes
8 To spend time with Peach
9 To slap Wendy O. Koopa

Best option here

10 Two hugs

The Contenders

11 Food
12 To be replaced by a unique character

Too many trashy peach clones

Because ParkerFang can like characters she likes. Why do you like Wendy hmmm?

Best option

13 A gag

Whoever added this needs a gag

14 To spend time with Toad and Toadette
15 To kill Waluigi

Best option

16 To smash Twintelle's head with a sledgehammer

Yes - ToadF1

17 To Burn Marina
18 To Unite with Toad

As peach's shield in smash because they're both losers LOL

19 To get muted
20 To get slapped by Wendy O Koopa
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