Top Ten Things Daisy Needs Right Now


The Top Ten

1 Love

Unlike Waluigi

2 A hug

To vanish forever

3 A game

Where she throws Waluigi in the trash

She's in Super Mario run now. - hunnyqueen09

Where she gets killed and replaced by a better female character

Where she gets thrown in the trash

4 Luigi
5 A better fanbase
6 A better castle
7 Casual clothes
8 To spend time with Peach
9 To slap Wendy O. Koopa

Best option here

10 Two hugs

The Contenders

11 Food
12 To be replaced by a unique character

Too many trashy peach clones

Because ParkerFang can like characters she likes. Why do you like Wendy hmmm?

Best option

13 A gag

Whoever added this needs a gag

14 To spend time with Toad and Toadette
15 To kill Waluigi

Best option

16 To smash Twintelle's head with a sledgehammer
17 To Burn Marina
18 To Unite with Toad

As peach's shield in smash because they're both losers LOL

19 To get muted
20 To get slapped by Wendy O Koopa
21 To destroy the Koopalings
22 To kill Kefka
23 To waterboard Waluigi
24 To torture Camilla, Pinhead style
25 To get her own game where she isn't getting thrown anywhere or killed
26 Video Games
27 To become Batman
28 To become Superman
29 To Drown Marina
30 A cookie
31 To say "Hi, I'm Daisy!"
32 To rescue Princess Peach
33 To get her own spinoff game
34 To be in Super Smash Bros.
35 To get a better reputation
36 To kill Bunga
37 To not be a damsel in distress
38 To kill Princess Peach
39 To kill Lion King Haters
40 To slap Wendy O. Koopa twice
41 To hug Amy Rose
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