Top 10 Things Danteem May or May Not Have Said About Luigi

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1 Luigi will always be my favorite video game character of all time. Luigi killed Samus Aran in 8-12-14. he use a green sun and explode her to death than he use green giant flames to make it explode more. Best day of my life!

Best quote from Danteem, hands down.

Somebody really hates Samus Aran...

The only thing I agree with him is his hatred of Samus

Who keeps track of the days they kill Samus?

2 He smarter than Solid Snake!

Ok now that's just lying

3 He is the best video game character of all time and Mario is the worst!

This is all true info based on his immaturity.

I love Luigi slightly a bit more, but come on. Mario and Luigi both deserve credit together.

Luigi is a great character(I'm not Danteem)but Mario is still better

Without Mario, Luigi won't existed

4 He should be the main character of Metroid!


5 He's smarter than Samus Aran!
6 He's stronger than Arnold Schwarzenegger!
7 He's faster than Sonic on cocaine!

This is the best thing about Luigi. He always buys my cocaine when he faces Sonic. Now look at my wallet.

More like,"Sonic is faster than Luigi on cocaine! "

Luigi will never be faster then sonic,no matter how much divine luigi takes

8 He can fly like Superman!

Is Danteem and idiot? No he can't...

9 He is the most underrated character ever!

Well he made it the most overrated character

He claims That Luigi isn't overrated, But Luigi REALLY is.

Not even close...

Need I mention:
Gord from Freddy Got Fingered?
Alphys from Undertale?
Waluigi from Mario?
Lammy from Um Jammer Lammy?
Raz from Psychonauts?
Courage the Cowardly Dog?
Rocko from Rocko's Modern Life?

10 I wish he was my brother!

So you wish you were Mario? Let the hate run, Dante, let the hate run.

I thought you didn't want to be Mario

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11 I secretly ship him with Mario!


12 Luigi can play Mother 3 AND Cave Story all the way through without even shedding a single tear!

In that case, I am a Luigi hybrid. Either that or I am heartless

Has he?

AND Undertale?

13 He should beat up Samus Aran!
14 I want him inside my pants, and vice versa!

Do you need to see a doctor, Danteem?

15 He cooler than Dante!

You must really hate yourself, Danteem.

INTENDED to be talking about the Devil May Cry Dante

16 He braver than Link!
17 He's like Papyrus if Papyrus had skin on it!

Oh my god, this is SO true.

18 He sexier than Princess Daisy!

That's just why too far

19 He's a better dancer than Waluigi and Micheal Jackson combined!
20 His outfit is awesome enough to melt the faces of unworthy men!
21 He could punch out Mike Tyson any day of the week!
22 He should have been the referee in Punch-Out instead of Mario!
23 He is the greatest spaghetti maker in all seventeen-and-three-quarters universes of the omniverse!

I didn't know the omniverse was that random

Mario is

24 He's the best overall character in all of recorded Italian history as we know it!

That isn't even history

25 His teeth are white enough to burn the foreskin off of Justin Bieber!

Ok, this made me laugh a little.

26 Goku? Ha, puh-leeze, NO ONE can beat Luigi!!

I can name at least 100 characters who could mop the floor with Luigi

27 Luigi is the ultimate top-tier character of Smash Bros. for Wii U! Diddy Kong and Yoshi can kiss my Luigi-tattooed ass!
28 His mustache makes Wario's look like a pair of soggy, moldy, withered old anchovies duct-taped onto Wario's face!
29 His fart gas is greener than Wario's!
30 He's the best poker player in the world! No one can beat his simply flawless luck! His luck is unbeatable and he will royally flush Mario down a toilet of guilt, shame and bankruptcy!
31 He can wield a three-handed sword with one hand and shove it up Ike's bum-bum without even breaking a sweat!
32 He more efficient than all of the stinking Ghostbusters combined!
33 He can kill Giygas just by staring at him!
34 One time, he kicked Chuck Norris in the gonads and made it out of there alive!
35 He should burn hus bastard child Mario on the steak!
36 He's richer than Wario!
37 He should be the one that Peach kisses in every game!
38 He can super-jump all the way up into the stratosphere and then come down like a meteorite and smash into the ground so hard that it scares everyone around him to death!
39 He should cut off his pubic hair and staple it onto Mario's mustache!
40 I want to lick his feet! I bet they got tasty mushrooms on them!

Luckily, a lot of the later entries on this list are jokes.

O.o is Dante mentally insane?

41 I wanna play as him in Ocarina Of Time!

You actually kind of can.

42 He's a better doctor than Mario! I want Luigi giving me my anal pills, because Mario's hands smell like maggot-infested dog shit that got shoved up a horse's ass!
43 I think Luigi is a pretty cool guy. Eh kills Mairo and doesnt afraid of anything.

Except ghosts, Lumas, every bad guy, Bowser, everything, whatever's under a shy guy, and a million other things.

44 Some day, Luigi's powerful environmental messages shall eleminate all things pollution and pollutery from the universe!
45 He's a better mother than my own mother, and I would know too!

Lmao Luigi is gay jk

46 He should cut Tails' tails off, shove them up Tails' ass, karate-chop Tails' balls off, then push him off the top of the Empire State Building!

Doesn't like sonic I see

47 Luigi should take Mario and push him somewhere else!

No, Mario should take Luigi, and push him to Bowser's Castle.

48 Luigi was the one who killed Bowser JR in Yoshi's pointing at him!
49 Master Hand and Crazy Hand should've been Luigi's hands!
50 I should have been the one to fill his dark soul with light!!!


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