Top Ten Things That Define Action Movies In a Nutshell

Ok, get ready to lock and load just in case. And that is an order... Seriously.

The Top Ten

1 Over-choreographed fight scenes

Why does it look like I'm watching a dance scene with people being hurt? - SuperHyperdude

2 Cops are the most useless help ever

To be honest, that's true in real life also. - SuperHyperdude

3 That was grim....

That one death scene... I want meat. - SuperHyperdude

4 A trained assassin that just won't die

Ok, he's died now let's go...a few minutes later. Again!? You're obviously a cyborg. - SuperHyperdude

5 Helicopters exploding here, there and everywhere

And that's why you should never fly. - SuperHyperdude

6 Luck upon luck upon luck

If Sir Isaac Newton said it wouldn't work, it would happen. Murphy's Law! - PositronWildhawk

Immorality is the answer to any question. - SuperHyperdude

7 Unlimited ammo

Either someone used hacks or someone has found the greatest invention yet to be found. - SuperHyperdude

I kinda want to know if there is an action movie where somebody runs out of ammunition! - Turkeyasylum

8 Cheesy one liners

Like those action cartoons that have the good guy shout cheesy insults to the bad guy. It usually ends up with the bad guy winning and the good guy looking like a fool. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Remeber, smoking kills. No, I'm serious, please don't do drugs and stay in school. - SuperHyperdude

9 One man who's apparently invincible

Seriously, it's just one guy! Either the people are blind in one eye or they have just drank one too many. - SuperHyperdude

But then he suddenly meets his maker near the end. Predicting it is a stroke of genius... - PositronWildhawk

10 A terrorist plan in a huge building with tons of guards

Next time you enter any building, get out. - SuperHyperdude

The Contenders

11 Slow Motion
12 Mono y Mono
13 Holding the Gun Sideways
14 The Explosion Just a Few Feet Away
15 Things Blowing In the Wind
16 "You Killed My Father!'
17 The Dramatic Choir
18 Walking In a Straight Line
19 Explosions Galore
20 No logic means no death to the good guy
21 The three B'S: bullets, boobs, and bombs
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