Top 10 Things That Define a Belieber


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1 Stupidity

Exactly, this is the exact way to define it. - funnyuser

2 Love for Justin Bieber

Isn't this the only thing that defines a Belieber? Why do people get so much crap for liking something? Most of these are just things a few fans have done and are now blown up as a fan generalization. I personally do not like Bieber, but I feel the bullying of him and his fans should end because even if you don't like him why should his fans suffer. I have experienced this with some of my likes (One Direction) and I feel that bullying due to musictaste should end and should've never been thing. Sorry if it sounds I have overly exaggerated the subject, but calling the fans "stupid" and especially "cutters" is really pushing a line. - happyhappyjoyjoy

Love love love him through everything

3 Always defend Justin Bieber

Justin could shoot one of his fans and they’d still treat him like a saint. - 3DG20

Of course he is perfect even when he does something imperfect

4 Never shut their mouth in public or concert when it comes to Justin Bieber
5 Their crazy desire for Justin Bieber
6 Craziness
7 Copying Justin Bieber behaviors
8 Their behavior
9 Always screaming
10 Always want to cut themselves for Justin Bieber

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11 Adds Justin Bieber to all lists on TheTopTens
12 They like Bieber only for his looks

I’m sure if you asked most of them why they like Justin Bieber, their first response would be, “Because he’s like, so hottt! Like, YAS! ” - 3DG20

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