Top Ten Things That Define Disney Sitcoms In a Nutshell

Disney Sitcoms are crap and the same thing, let's see the reason why with Top Ten Things That Defines Disney Sitcoms In A Nutshell

The Top Ten Things That Define Disney Sitcoms In a Nutshell

1 Laugh Tracks, Laugh Tracks, Laugh Tracks

Using laugh tracks because if they used real audiences crickets chirping will be played. - SuperHyperman

2 Romance

It's so pointless, weird and not done well when it coke to romance - SuperHyperman

3 Stereotypical Charactors

The bratty rich girl, clueless mom/dad, girl-crazy nerd, wannabe princess, etc. These are all annoying stereotypes. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Don't forget the token black kid who was pulled off the streets and the kid who is a walking racial stereotype - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Make fun of people's traits with an over used joke - SuperHyperman

4 Useless Charactor Development

Characters development in Disney Channel is absolutely useless - SuperHyperman

5 No Singular Plot

Episodes that make you question where the hell did they started from the pilot. - SuperHyperman

6 Repetitive Jokes

Writing so lazy, they repeat the same joke. - SuperHyperman

7 Worst Special Effects Ever

You see a special effect that even a homemade videos were better than that. - SuperHyperman

Student film projects have better effects

8 Extremely Corny Jokes
9 Cliche
10 Annoying Characters

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11 Teenagers
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