Controversy Corner: Facebook Admins

Facebook admins, everyone's best and worst people on the internet of course they will have some great contents that we will all love to see but there's amusingly lots of a Facebook admins with a pattern that I've realize so I'm just going to break it down a bit. First up is those hatertards (yes these do exists) that always go on and on about how much they hate Justin Beiber. I hate him alot but for God's sake people youre the reason why he's famous because people like you have some serious hatred that make you want to go on and on about which gets him more and more attention. Next we have people that loathe of today and eat up the old, these people will always complain about our society and generation of today. OK it's not a pleasant generation but it's not like past generations were any better, people hates today's generation because of every little thing that's not even the slightest bit important. Bloody hell just enjoying life while it last. Last but definitely not last, Like & Share whites, these people will exploit every single thing that is very sad, when does a like ever save a children's life, I bet that they won't ever give two flying s*** about it. I bet they take pictures of people tuned over by a car and do the Like & Share scam and get millions upon millions of likes. Rant over.