Top 10 Things That Determine How People Vote On TheTopTens

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1 People vote on only what they know
2 People know nothing but vote anyway

This is definitely me! I have this urge to vote on something, but I feel like I'm unfamiliar with everything on some lists. - RockFashionista

3 People don't know what to vote on
4 People vote for the first option blindly

Like I did here!

5 People don't have time to experience each and everything on the list
6 People don't take the time to understand the list
7 People avoid scrolling too much and vote on what they can find quickly instead of the best one!
8 People don't understand whether to judge the list on favoritism or the actual value of the option

That is one flaw I can point out about this site. It really is based on opinions. - RockFashionista

9 People don't give reasons/comments why they like the options and other people don't understand why the option is at the position it is!

Like I don't know why people keep reordering the items on my lists because they were perfect in the order they were in before. (I'm looking at you, Disney1994.) - RockFashionista

10 People are naive

What is naive

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11 People like something but pretend they don't so that they won't get bullied

And vice versa

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