Things You Didn't Know About Boobs


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1 World's biggest boob job are a size 38KKK
2 Breasts are the first thing men notice in a woman

True, but most at least try not too. It's human instinct, and it's hard to notice two beautiful organs of the female human body bulging out from the chest. Anyway, boobs are awesome :D

Huh? Sorry, I was just looking at a girl...'s boobs.

Actually men notice eyes first

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3 There is a ONG that fights for women's right to be topless

Too I can see there breast

4 The left breast is usually larger
5 England is the country with biggest breasts in Europe

Some women with the largest breats also come from Russia and Sweden.

6 Men can lactate too
7 Breasts implants can also save you from death

I knew it! That's why when an airplane crashes, more men die than women. - Velilana

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8 The average breast weighs one pound
9 Breasts get fat
10 Breasts augmentation may lead to suicide

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11 Male Nipples are Pointless

Yep pretty much. I can't like breasts without thinking why men are allowed to go around topless while women aren't.

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