Top Ten Things That Die In Fantasy Battles

It's sad, I know. But these are the creatures that often, Die in battle. Here they are;
The Top Ten
1 Dragons

At least we have Silica's Pina from Sword Art Online. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Quite popular as a villain. - FennikenFan9

Jesus christ, this is cringy. I'm glad I forgot the password for this account.

2 Main Characters


3 Knights

There's always at least 100 knights who lose their lives. - FennikenFan9

4 Villagers
5 Animals

Dogs, horses, you name it. They often die in fantasy battles. - FennikenFan9

6 Houses

They don't exactly die. Though I guess houses crumbling down is sort of death for them. - FennikenFan9

7 Castles

Look what I said for 5. - FennikenFan9

8 Close Ones

This does NOT mean "main characters". It could be reletives of a main character, but that doesn't mean that the reletives are main characters. - FennikenFan9

9 Swords

They can get all banged up and brake. - FennikenFan9


10 Armor

What I said for 9... - FennikenFan9

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11 Bad Guys
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