Just MAYBE Anime Isn't That Great

Gah, Cartoons are meant for all age groups! Have you watched south Park? There is very distinctive personalities in the characters in cartoons... Oh my God! You must be a weeaboo because there are many genres of cartoons, Archer (Adults) SpongeBob (kids) Dora (Todlers) there is educational, action, humor and many other types. MAN if I could even describe how much this ignorance to cartoons is really starting to make me dislike the already horrid fanbase. Deatailed background? Have you seen Superjail? Or adventure time? Gorgeous backgrounds, better than some animes, better than most, really. And I don't think you have any idea how annoying having a minute and a half intro is... BORING! What cartoons are you comparing this to? F*cking SpongeBob? Regular show has a developing plot, with character's romance changing romance plot where Morticai has a crush on Margaret, that soon may turn into a relationship, then she moves away. There are plenty of amazing things in plots, deaths of characters, there are plenty of touching or sad things in cartoons. Want to see smooth cartoons? Lemme name some... superjail, American Dad, Adventure Time, Animaniacs, Rocko's Modern Life, Courage the cowardly dog, Squidbillies... just to name a small number of gorgeous cartoons. And okay, yes anime eyes are cool, but they aren't like special to the artist. I mean, you can recognise the cute eyes of South park characters, compared to the sexy eyes of a Jhonen Vasquez animation.

I really think you should think up on what anime is: it's Japanese animation. It's not the best thing ever and you should really look up on some other cartoons besides like dora and notice that maybe, just MAYBE anime isn't that great.


Ok, I get it. That's your opinion and I respect it. But I have my own views, thoughts and beliefs. I'll try out your listed cartoons and weigh them against my view points. And, yes one thing, I'm a fan of cartoons too. That's what I used to see when I was a kid. But when comparing those two, * its my view*, anime looks more attractive to me. Thanks for your post!
Have a good time! - Kiteretsunu

DUDE I KNOW RIGHT! Wait... I realize that I wrote this... Hm... - MoldySock

Dude Chill Out, You have your opinions and we have ours and I just have to say it Anime is and always will be better than Cartoons. - egnomac

Look kid, this is Kiteretsunu's opinion. I understand if you don't agree with the list, but seriously, chill. If you think that way, then don't look at the list, okay? - NerdyPweeps

You are so right. Anime is so overrated. The fanboys/fangirls are no coming up with the dumbest reasons to compliment it. I mean really eyes and hairs. The fans are biased because they talk about the bad american cartoons and if they see one slapstick joke or fart joke, they think that it's all the jokes. American cartoons really are an underrated gem that not a lot of people appreciate of how beautiful most animes look. For example, Animaniacs. When a studio called Wang Animation Studios animated for them, they made the backgrounds so detailed and beautiful. Sure other animation studious did that too but not as good as Wand did it. I probably would like some animes if most the fans wouldn't just say that anime is better than american cartoons in every way when it really is not. I hope the anime fanboys can give american cartoons a chance without just dissing them all for seeing one bad one. - visitor

Instead of animes for how beautiful they look, I meant American cartoons. I hope you realize this before you see that part and laugh for a mistake. - visitor

I agree with this. People need to know that cartoons are more than just for kids. People work hard to make these shows. Granted it's not all the time like in Breadwinners, but that doesn't mean people have to hate every single one and say it's just garbage for little kids. Animation is hard work so it's stupid when people say it looks bad just because it's trying a different style then other animations. - YakkoWakkoDot