Trolling vs Actual Hating

By looking at this list, a lot of the comments on here are directing the hate to all anime in general. Look, yes there are some awful animes out there, but not every anime necessarily bad. In fact, a of people like anime, and do you know why? Because there's a lot of cool and awesome animes out there that would fit every genre.

And I'm not saying that American cartoons are bad either. Actually, there are a lot of American cartoons that I have come to love. What I'm saying is anime isn't bad either. I think that the reason most people are leaving these comments on here is because most of them haven't watched the GOOD anime, which is why they're leaving it. It's either that or they're just being an ignorant troll who can't find a good waste of time and instead are making the comments just to start a riot.

I think if you people who hate anime watch a good one, then your opinion will probably change. But, you are entitled to your own opinion so it's entirely up to you.


Anyone who considers anime are worthless, just watch Attack on Titan, and then come back and comment whichever way you like.
And thank you so much for the blog NerdyPweeps! - Kiteretsunu

So true! And your welcome - NerdyPweeps

I watched it and didn't like it. What anime will I be recommended to watch now? - visitor

They just hate on anime fans because they get a thrill out of pissing off anime fans. - egnomac

You hate on cartoons fans because you get the sheer joy of pissing off cartoon fans. - visitor

So true! The person who made the "reasons why anime sucks" has said we were hypocrites because we judged on mainstream cartoons while he judged on mainstream anime. Then he would go to lists that say anime is better and start calling fans biased because our reasons are "wrong". It's totally fine to make a list like that, but if you're going around and start commenting on every anime list, saying cartoon are better, then maybe you should respect our opinions and we will respect yours! - Bellarina4life